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The Ibnii resort engulfs you in pure nature

The IBNII Resort & Spa, Coorg (1)

Aruna Rathod visits the newly opened eco-luxe resort, the Ibnii promises to rejuvenate you in the lap of nature and a complete digital detox.

Little did I realise the vast expanse of the Ibnii, a resort I was visiting in Coorg, Karnataka, India. Ibnii means dew drops in the local language.

Ushered into the reception area, it was my first surprise. It was perched on a canti-levered bridge! Yes, at the Ibnii, you have to cross a cantilevered bridge with the valley below, full of more than 100-year-old trees, and it’s a unique experience for sure. The entire resort is located in a coffee estate.

The IBNII Resort & Spa, Coorg (1)
Nested along the dew drenched slopes of a former coffee plantation, The IBNII is poised to be the best among Coorg resorts in the luxury segment

From the reception, a panorama unfolds – the lounge that seems perched in the air with the valley below, green tree tops, a pond with a bridge flanking one side, the bright blue sky above and sounds of birds chirping makes Ibnii absolutely exquisite.

After having the welcome drink, a local coffee called chuku kapi ( a mix of ginger, jaggery and dark coffee) which refreshes me, I proceed by the buggy to my cottage. We go down slopes and reach the water body, cross the bridge and go up a slope and we reach my cottage. It’s a cottage with a plunge pool, a Jacuzzi and a large living room and bedroom. A wood and onyx counter with cookies, tea and coffee maker makes me happy!

Luxe life

I step into the living room which has a white ceiling and black and white photographs on the walls, pictures taken from the property itself. The bedroom overlooks the expansive plunge pool and has utmost privacy. I make a cup of tea for myself and soak in the silence and peace.

The IBNII Resort & Spa, Coorg (1)
A luxury experience awaits you at the eco-friendly Ibnii resort

Late afternoon, it’s time for a coffee walk. We meet Santosh who explains the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, the plant structure and the history of coffee as we walk along a path for almost half a kilometre and end up in the coffee shop – Kaldi, which is situated on the banks of a waterbody that has ducks and swans swimming peacefully, a large terrace that works as a sit out – it’s an ideal coffee shop. There are coffee beans strewn on one side, drying in the sun.

The display inside is like a mini coffee museum, where bottles of coffee beans are kept to explain the difference and the various stages of making coffee. Coffee grinding machine, a variety of filters for the decoction of coffee, espresso machines and finally a cup of coffee with a design – a smiling face served with some amazing cookies.

Sheer indulgence

After a walk in the scenic surroundings, it’s time for dinner. The Masi kande, is the barbeque restaurant serves a range of kebabs and main course. With a open to the sky roof, it’s extremely pleasant to sit with a mocktail and await the piping hot kebabs.

It’s a wonderful walk back to the cottage, below the starlit sky, with silence broken by the sounds of the insects.

The IBNII Resort & Spa, Coorg (1)
The Ibnii is the first resort in India to receive the Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) Platinum certification

The next morning, we have a nature walk around the property where we are shown the various trees grown on the property, the natural spring and a fresh water lake and the treated water collected in a large water body. This particular spot attracts a large number of birds and is a paradise for bird lovers. Great place to do yoga on the wooden platform with a gazebo, the spot where the nature walk ends.

Then it’s time for a sumptuous breakfast, a good appetite worked up by the walk and yoga. Fresh juices and plenty of choices – local and international. In the afternoon, I decide to visit the spa for a rejuvenating body massage.

On the second night, I decide to experience the wooden villas situated at a lower level. They are cosy and overlook the artificial lake. Dense foliage is visible outside the windows. After a walk in the evening, I decide to have a vegetarian thali (a plate full of small portions from various regions of India) for dinner.

The aim of the resort is to promote healthy living by walking around the sprawling 120 acres of sheer evergreen woodlands, learning about nature. With 22 private pool villas, 10 wooden cottages, private residences and premium suites, Ibnii has refined luxury and comfort to match the highest expectation of the global traveler and yet maintain their delicate balance with nature. As part of the founder’s vision, the land has been returned to nature with unobtrusive architecture but with the best of creature comforts in place for an unforgettable holiday experience.

The IBNII Resort & Spa, Coorg (1)
With 22 private pool villas, 10 wooden cottages, private residences and premium suites, Ibnii has refined luxury and comfort to match the highest expectation of the global traveler and yet maintain their delicate balance with nature

Address: The Ibnii, 123 Ibnivalavadi Village, Boikeri, Madikeri, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201 India / +91 088849 90000

The Ibnii is the first resort in India to receive the Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) Platinum certification. Located at Coorg (Kodagu) district of Karnataka The IBNII Resort & Spa, has received the IGBC Platinum certification for energy and resource-efficient, sustainable, cost-effective buildings that impose minimal stress on the environment.  The resort is also gearing to get its LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification soon.