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The Lat_56 Red Eye Garment Bag : Sexy, stylish and suit savvy

One of the major issues when travelling for a one or two night business trip is how to take your suit without it ending up in a crumpled mess on arrival.

What you need is a lightweight but sturdy overnight bag that you can sling over your shoulder, conforms to carry on regs and comes with a crease free suit packing system incorporated into the design.

Welcome to the Red Eye carry on garment bag, part of the sleek Urban Warrior collection from Scottish design company Lat_56.

This superior and sexy piece of kit is all that you will need. Stylish, tough and functional, it ticks all the boxes and then some.

The unique Suit Packing System

What sets it apart is the integrated suit packing system which allows you to roll your suit in a specially designed system and still have room for your other needs.

Styled in black textural military spec EVA foam with a reinforced shoulder strap, it is lightweight and easy to carry but boy is it tough.

To prove this, rigourous testing by the design team included being repeatedly run over by a Land Rover from which it emerged without a scratch. Point made.

The smart red lined interior has a main kit chamber with enough room for shoes, shirt, underwear, ties and other essentials, and several zip up inner pockets for toiletries, passport etc.

Stylish, neat and crease free – job done

The patented suit packing system has a bespoke textile water resistant garment bag with an attached EVA foam rolling board and a diagram of how to roll your suit for a crease free journey.

It also includes a torso shaped hanger ( designed in consultation with Savile Row tailors ) made of textured polycell with a unique soft hook.

This ingenious lab tested system can carry up to two suits or other garments and rolls neatly away into it’s own spacious zipped compartment.

Who knew a hanger could look so good?

For short trips, I prefer to be hands free when travelling, not dragging a wheeled case up and down stairs and escalators at airports.

The Red Eye is an excellent solution as the lightweight compact design makes it easy to sling over your shoulder. As Doc Brown said to Marty McFly, ” Where we’re going, we don’t need wheels!”

Of course, in real life we sometimes DO need wheels, and the Red Eye works not only as a stand alone overnighter but also as a complement to other luggage in the Urban Warrior collection for longer trips.

I would pair it with the Lat_ 56 Road Warrior 8 wheeled suitcase ( a sleeve strap allows you to connect it over the case handle ), and for good measure add in the matching travel wallet and wash bag. All matching, all sexy, all good.

The Red Eye rolled and ready to go

This is a bag that likes to prove itself and it is versatile enough to be used on a daily basis,. Strap it on your bike, allow it to attract admiring glances on the tube. Show it off, take it to interviews and meetings or even down the gym.

Not just for the serious stuff, this sleek and sturdy bag will accompany you to weekend weddings, awards ceremonies, evening presentations….you name it, the Red Eye can handle it.

Summing Up

If Captain Kirk had a carry on bag for the USS Enterprise, this would be it. Smart and sexy, this bag is the boss and knows it.

A stylish overnight bag that means business and gets you and your essentials to your destination with the minimum of fuss.

It makes travelling light as easy as pie – suit on hanger, into bag, roll up, add in your other essentials and boom. You’re done.

Pack it light, pack it right and off you go!


Weight 1.8kg
Dimensions 55cm x 25cm x 20cm
5 year warranty
Retail price £199

The Lat_ 56 Urban Warrior collection covers all your possible business travel needs from an expandable briefcase to a laptop backpack ( which I have my eye on ) and much more.

For details of the Red Eye garment bag and other goodies visit to browse the collection in full.