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The luxurious Bellagio Hotel opens in Shanghai, China


The opening of Bellagio Hotel in Shanghai is a momentous occasion worth getting excited about. And we mean really excited…

Anyone familiar with The Bellagio in Las Vegas will already know what the renowned hotel brand is capable of when it comes to offering luxury and exceptional hospitality. The Bellagio style, which takes a no holds barred approach to giving each guest a truly unforgettable experience, means you really feel as though you’ve walked into another world as you step over the hotel’s threshold  – and its latest incarnation, in Shanghai, China, is certainly no different.

With striking décor immediately apparent throughout the spectacular  four-floor atrium, The Bellagio Shanghai has to be seen to be truly believed. These pictures give a little insight into what you can expect –  but of course, nothing can quite compare to the real thing.

The Bellagio Hotel Shanghai boasts striking and sophisticated décor throughout

With glamorous, shimmering black and gold surfaces that ooze sophistication and bright flashes of turquoise from the seating to really enliven the space, it’s as show-stopping as it is chic – and the rooms here are equally impressive, balancing functionality with beauty in a way that only Bellagio can.

World leading experts WATG, (Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo) were brought in as consultants on the design – and it shows throughout the hotel. Every last element been carefully selected and finished, right down to the tiniest details – making for a lavish accommodation choice that is second to none.

The hotel is also a foodie’s paradise, offering a selection of tempting fine dining options to choose from. Whether formal or informal eating is your preferred choice, there’s something for everyone, with an impressive restaurant masterminded by Julian Serrano serving up exquisite Italian cuisine in Lago including dishes such as Polpo alla Diavolo Spanish Octopus, with fregola pasta and a rather spicy pesto.

Lavish interiors and luxe surroundings are a given at The Bellagio Hotel Shanghai

Those who enjoy a little gaming might well be wondering about the casino options here. Well, this is one major difference between the two branches that was really out of Bellagio’s hands when developing the new site. Whilst the Las Vegas branch of Bellagio is, of course, a casino as well as a luxury hotel—with gaming options for every level, from the dabbler to the hardened veteran—at the Bellagio Shanghai, things are a little different, since gambling is illegal in China (although gambling on Hainan Island might well be an option at some point in the future.)

Although the Shanghai Bellagio can’t offer quite the same experience as its American counterpart, what it lacks in gaming, it more than makes up for in luxury. And, if you really can’t go without your gaming during your stay, then there’s a nifty solution; the online world. Guests with an urge to play can always rely on sites such as Free Play Casinos to direct them to the best online options, from the slots to the classic table games, in order to get their thrills.

What you will find here though is a grand ballroom with a startlingly high ceiling that comes in at an impressive height of seven metres. Additionally, there is the phenomenal gym and pool set-up, featuring, as you’d only expect, the latest highly advanced equipment to help you burn off the unfortunate consequences of your culinary indulgence!

With a range of fine dining options, the hotel is a foodie’s paradise

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s plenty to keep you entertained at the Shanghai Bellagio – from luxury to fine food, and all round relaxation. Not only that, but it’s ideally located for exploring this vibrant business city – so make that reservation now, as it’s sure to fill up fast.

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