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The often unknown yet wonderfully luxurious side to Tenerife

From tropical gardens and historic towns to stunning architecture and must-visit spas, there is so much on offer in Tenerife.

So, if you’re looking at villas in Tenerife and want to know what luxuries will be on your doorstep, here’s our list of all the top attractions and things to do.

From tropical gardens and historic towns to stunning architecture and must-visit spas, there is so much on offer in Tenerife

1. Dolphin and Whale-Watching

In the waters between La Gomera and Tenerife, there are approximately 28 different species of dolphins and whales, which makes it the perfect place to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environment.

There are regular trips from Los Gigantes and Los Cristianos, but for an added touch of luxury, you might want to hire your own boat.

2. Garachico

No luxury holiday to Tenerife would be complete without a trip to its once wealthiest town – Garachico. Although it was spoilt in a volcano eruption in the early 1700s, today it is one of the most stunning towns on the island of Tenerife.

And if you do venture there, be sure to have a dip in one of the rock pools that have been sculpted by the lava formation.

Tenerife is home to an abundance of amazing wildlife such as the African blue tit

3. Spa Days

There is an abundance of hotels offering fabulous spa experiences on the island, whether you’re looking for a day relaxing and unwinding at an adults-only resort or you’re seeking some unique and innovative therapies.

One of the most iconic places is the Botánico Hotel & The Oriental Spa Garden which is set in a stunning exotic garden that boasts a variety of tropical flora plus a black swan and a gorgeous carp pond.

4. La Laguna

The former capital of Tenerife, La Laguna is now a Unesco World Heritage site thanks to its 16th-, 17th- and 18th-century mansions that have been beautifully preserved and adorn many of its streets. It’s the perfect place to enjoy al fresco dining in the local tapas bars before exploring its fabulous book shops and antique stores.

Tenerife offers visitors some truly stunning beaches to enjoy

5. Punta del Hidalgo

If your idea of a holiday is getting off the beaten track and avoiding all of the usual tourist trails, Punta del Hidalgo in the Anaga Mountains is just what you’re looking for.

This is an easy-to-follow trail that takes you to the coastal location of Punta del Hidalgo through the middle of the jaw-dropping Mercedes Forest. This ancient rainforest dates back further than the Ice Age while the trail itself will also take you into a caveman-esque hamlet where you can venture into a cave restaurant to try out the traditional cuisine. It also takes you along plenty of winding paths that teeter on the edge of craggy ravines and where there’s a dense canopy of moisture that’s risen from below.

One thing’s for sure, with its breathtaking views, historic feel and untouched quality, you’ll feel a whole world away from the tourist beaches that litter the coast.

As you can see, whether you’re looking for a holiday that’s full of pampering treats and relaxation or you’re wanting to go on your very own adventure, Tenerife has a luxurious side that’s just waiting for you.