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The practical guide to planning a luxury road trip

With improvements in cars and travel technology, luxury road trips have never been easier, even when traveling with kids.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 15, 2021
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In recent years, luxury stays have evolved from a week by the pool to travel that seeks to satiate the need to explore, with road trips that link a number of enchanting destinations becoming ever more popular.

If you’re the type of traveller that seeks to unleash their inner adventurer or perhaps you are just on the hunt for something a little different, a road trip can be a great way to experience the sights and sounds of a particular destination, or multiple locations, in greater depth. With the raft of luxurious vehicles available for such a trip and some dreamy hidden gems dotted around, a road trip can certainly be elevated to luxurious heights.

If you’re considering an excursion of this type, then read on for our guide on how to do it well.

Top-notch transportation

If you have your sights set on a month-long luxury road trip, you must first decide how you will travel and choose a method of transport that best suits you and your fellow guests. This can differ depending on a number of factors including how many travellers are in your party and their individual needs, how far you intend to travel, and how many extra amenities you require or plan to pick up on the way.

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For both couples and families, a road trip offers the ultimate in flexibility and adventure

If you are looking to hire a car, for example, the fine details of this arrangement should be organised at the earliest convenience with any terms and conditions read and understood and any questions answered before your luxury road trip kicks off. Seek out spacious cars with luxurious interiors and all the mod cons, to make your trip as comfortable as possible are key, and the journey itself will feel like a treat.

Travel insurance

In order to ensure you and your loved ones are sufficiently protected from any accidents or emergencies that may arise on the road, you must organise travel insurance ahead of time. In order to do so, determine how much coverage you are likely to need, research respected providers in your local area, such as Staysure, and complete any paperwork that is required before you set off on your luxury road trip.

This peace of mind can provide you with an additional layer of safety and security from the second the wheels start turning until the second you switch off the engine, allowing you to simply enjoy your break free of worry.

group of friends in a car
With improvements in cars and travel technology, luxury road trips have never been easier, even when traveling with kids

Appealing accommodation

If you are interested in exploring a particular place by car but are determined not to expose yourself to the elements by camping, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to find a selection of accommodation options to choose from before they all get booked up. From five-star resorts brimming with facilities to boutique hotels with great restaurants to self-catering homes that benefit from fantastic views with personal touches and amenities to please, you would be amazed at what you can find with time to do so.

Delightful dining

If you are venturing further afield during your luxury road trip, you should be open to trying new food local to your destination, it’s what makes any holiday complete. If food is a big part of any trip you take, then research some of the finer and more popular establishments before you head off. Search online and pop it on social media to see what inspiration you can get for your dining highlights, but also be open to discovering eateries along the way too.

If you are planning a luxury road trip in the near future, then be sure to plan ahead as much as you can, as outlined above, to ensure the holiday goes as smoothly as possible, but also allow yourself to be surprised and be spontaneous. You may uncover exciting places that you had never previously heard of if you allow yourself to be guided on a whim, and that often makes for a more interesting and memorable experience.