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The rise of the digital nomadic lifestyle

The world in which we live is a weird and wonderful place, encompassing mind-blowing landscapes to explore, an incredibly varied mix of cultures to immerse yourself into and so much to discover that you never thought possible.

And with faraway places being easier to reach day by day, it is no wonder that people are hopping off to these diverse places to travel and discover worlds so different to their own. This is all very well if you have an endless supply of cash to keep your travelling dreams alive but if you don’t then one option would be to work from these locations; introducing the digital nomad.

Young guy working on his laptop on the beach. View from back of young man with notebook on seacoast. Freelancer on the beach.
Trade in your routine for the digital nomad lifestyle

With the help of a laptop, Internet connection and phone it is possible to work from almost anywhere in the world, the technological revolution making this possible. The world seems like a much smaller place than it was even fifty years ago; the Internet has connected friends, family and strangers across the globe and fills us with endless information in a split second. Flights are more frequent and cheaper day by day making far flung countries so much more accessible. And we want a part of the action!

We’ve all seen those scenes in films where a character is writing a book in a dreamy lakeside cottage in France or Hampton’s style house with beach side views and, at one time, we thought that was just for the retired, rich or those on sabbatical. But what if you could be sat in a stunning location, far from home and be doing a day to day job with just the use of a laptop and mobile phone?

This idea isn’t so unattainable any more, in fact, many are joining in with this new way of working and taking themselves off travelling and working at the same time. And it doesn’t just have to be a life for those who are self-employed or work freelance, this can also apply to many jobs with organisations who are willing to allow their employees to work remotely. It takes an element of trust, of course, but if the same level of work is produced outside of the office as well as inside then how could your employer argue? Many a board meeting are completed via conference call, with workers spread across the world, so what about the actual work too? Clearly it can’t work for every job and it is more likely that your employer would rather you work in sight but there are more and more ways that this lifestyle can be achieved.

young woman working with a laptop on nature in summer beach
Do you want to travel the world as a digital nomad?

So, what do you need to achieve the lifestyle of a digital nomad? First of all a job that allows you to do this, a company you already work for perhaps or a new career choice might be the way to go. Whatever allows you to live that life you always wanted. Perhaps you could write about your travel adventures or start up a business abroad. Think of your aspirations and work towards them.

In order to be able to do the job, as mentioned above, you’ll need an Internet connection (you could even work from a public place such as a library or cafe if that suits your style of working), a phone, a good quality laptop such as a MacBook, which are great for design work and, of course, a stylish home for said portable computer, something like these slim MacBook cases from would look great and also keep it safe.

This lifestyle isn’t so unattainable any more; more and more of us are joining in and enjoying the best of both worlds, earning a living yet seeking out a life that also includes travel and adventure. It’s there if you really want it!