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The top five travel websites to watch out for in 2018

As travel trends continue to expand, from increasing expansion of the sharing economy, to more personalised and tailored travel experiences, tools that facilitate an authentic experience will be a must-have on every adventurer’s list for 2018.

Here we take a quick look at the top five travel websites to watch out for in 2018.

1. VizEat

VizEat is a social food experience platform in Europe, that aims to connect travellers and local hosts around an authentic culinary experience. It is a unique way to exchange with people from all around the world and to discover new cultures around food.

Founded in early 2014 in France and it acquired Paris-based pioneer Cookening, effectively becoming the European leader in the growing culinary experience sharing space. Whether you’re dining with a local young chef from Rome, or enjoy a bike tour through the food markets of Paris, every experience with VizEat is unique to each visit.

2. Culture Trip

Culture Trip is a global media and tech startup focused on bringing personalised content and recommendations around culture, food, and travel to users wherever they are, wherever they go. Founder and CEO Dr. Kris Naudts has created an inimitable concept that elicits and fosters curiosity beyond wanderlust, garnering a smart, influential readership through a potent mix of talent and technology.

Each article is written for a distinctively local mindset, allowing travellers the opportunity to hone in on a particular area to get the ins and outs while visiting. Through the use of Culture Trip’s Knowledge Graph and AI technology, travellers are then fed more content based on previous searches, allowing them the opportunity to discover new insights and recommendations.

3. HomeToGo

HomeToGo is a vacation rental metasearch engine that allows you to quickly and easily search and compare listings from over 11 million offers in over 200 countries from more than 250 providers. With features such as smart filtering, users can find their ideal vacation rental by sorting according to their preferred destination, travel dates, budget and amenities.

With the rise of vacation rental sites, HomeToGo is an aggregator of the top vacation rentals, making it easier for travellers to find and compare prices across platforms to book the best value for accommodation.

4. LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy allows you to have a more relaxing and enjoyable travel experience by connecting guests to all-inclusive lounge in airports. LoungeBuddy allows consumers to purchase airport lounge access worldwide, starting at $25.

The lounge access is designed to allow travelers with a peace of mind with their journey, reducing some of the stresses involved with traveling. With travel companies looking to offer a more personalised experience heading into 2017, this is another one to watch.

5. Jetsetter

Designed for a luxury travel experience, Jetsetter delivers users with tried and true recommendations of properties and hotels. The team at Jetsetters test features of the hotel like the bed, shower pressure, Wifi, and the local knowledge of staff. They also offer discounts on select hotels and tours for up to 40%.

With travellers becoming increasingly more aware of what differentiates a strong accommodation and itinerary, Jetsetters will become another one to watch in 2017.