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The world’s most glamorous casino hotels to visit this year

By LLM Reporters on 6th October 2019

We all have a dream destination we would like to visit at least once in our lives. People choose their ideal places for various different reasons – some pick the country because of its history, some for the supreme weather conditions, and others just because it seems like a fun way to spend two weeks off work. Gamblers for one, have a dream to visit at least one of the classiest and luxurious casinos in the world.

Travelling and getting to have a different experience besides an online casino will, for sure, make the story of a lifetime. Now besides the lucrative BetWinner bonus code, you may take a look at the world’s most glamorous casinos every gamer, and indeed anyone who has a taste for the finer things in life, must have on their bucket list.

Casino de Monte Carlo

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The Casino de Monte Carlo is one of the most opulent casinos in the world. It was made even more famous by the movie Casino Royale that displayed the endless glamour inside the casino. It was established in 1983 by Prince Florestan so that he could address the nation’s debt in an effort to entice the English aristocracy to put their wealth into Monaco. This casino is the must-see destination for high rollers bold enough to bet in millions and hopeful to win millions more. This grand-dame of a casino has interior design and architecture unmatched anywhere else in the world, making it one of the best to visit first.

Marina Bay Sands

This $5.7 million casino-resort graces the shores of Singapore. The luxe casino’s three towers overlook the beautiful Marina Bay and are designed to resemble three long decks of cards. The resort’s four-floor casino is the most upmarket one yet, housing more than 1,000 slot machines and more than 500 tables. The decor is striking, with one of the most magnificent Swarovski chandeliers ever seen. The casino’s grandness was expected from the very beginning when it was stated to be the most expensive standalone casino property in the world.

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

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This is not only one of the most glamorous casinos internationally, but one of the oldest ones too. The Kurhaus has a rich history of housing the most legendary international gatherings such as the chess tourney, the NATO summit, and the Olympics congress. The gamblers that enjoy an exclusive session will pay millions if not billions for a private game at the casino. Additionally, one may take a concourse or two at the spa or catch a stroll to explore the famous Black forest in the near vicinity.

Sun City And Resort

Sun City or Lost City, big entertainment center in South Africa like Las Vegas in North America.

This resort was established in 1979 in Northwest South Africa. The casino has more than 800 slot machines with up to 33 tables. It is located near the city of Rutenberg, just a two hour drive from the renowned Johannesburg. If you are paying a visit to see the abundant wildlife or for an unforgettable safari trip in South Africa, a quick stop by the casino will be a memory to treasure forever. The glitz and glam can be seen in the decor and the gorgeous resort facilities. The casino also offers an exclusive gambling experience to its highest paying guests who have access to the private quarters which are tightly guarded by security.

The Wynn Casino And Hotel

When you hear of Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is casinos, casinos, and more casinos. It is home to a multitude of dives, and the grandest of them all is The Wynn Casino Hotel. This premier resort is home to the most affluent casino-lovers who enjoy the Las Vegas lifestyle. The casino has almost all games ever known to man with impressive internal furnishings. You may also enjoy a meal or two at their excellent restaurants or have a little shopping spree at the mall.

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino

When you think of Ibiza, undoubtedly you think of their exotic beaches and glam pool parties during the day. The excitement does not end at sunset though; it continues at the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino. The hotel offers a majestic welcoming casino setup featuring machines and tables for the locals and tourists who want to win big. The casino has also been the scene of Texas hold ’em tournaments, which occasionally attract professional poker players from all over the world.

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