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There’s never been a better time to take a luxury train in South Africa

By LLM Reporters on 16th July 2019

South Africa is an undeniably beautiful country. With diverse landscapes, from mountains to deserts, canyons, reefs, rivers and beaches, there is a lot to explore and, perhaps, one of the best ways of doing this would be taking a luxurious train ride.

On the way you’ll find wild African Bushveld and stunning coastlines as well as bustling, vibrant cities to wander through. Other than its gorgeous vistas and intoxicating metropolises, South Africa is also known for its rail system, which has held up through South Africa’s contentious history and transition into a modern state. There is no better time than ever to see the country, and to do it in style.

The Blue Train is known as a five-star hotel on wheels and is recognised for the high level of customer service from its employees, who offer excellent attention to detail. Image credit:

Places to see

The South African rail system goes though many of its regions, including the Cape Winelands, where you can indulge in some elegant local wines in a positively amazing natural landscape. Transport yourself through game reserves and historical regions, all on the same trip, as well as places like the beloved, semi desert region known as the Karoo. Utilizing the railways of the country is a great way to discover remote regions, while relaxing and being treated like royalty. With so many diverse and amazing options, you are bound to be blown away by any South African rail journey.

Routes to take

According to MoneyPug, the site used to compare holidays, a popular route to take is between Cape Town and Johannesburg. You can make the travel between two of the largest cities in South Africa, while enjoying the countryside in comfort and luxury before arriving in a bustling city well rested and having had a great experience on the way.

The Blue Train offers a fantastic bar to enjoy a pre dinner drink. Image credit:

Another great rail journey to take is the Rovos Rail, which is luxury train travel at its best. Transport yourself back to the Victorian era with vintage carriages and wood-panelled lounges, while sitting in winged chairs to dine in a different time. Excellent food, great views, and the amazing service will have you floored.

The Blue Train is known as a five-star hotel on wheels and is recognised for the high level of customer service from its employees, who offer excellent attention to detail. This journey takes you through Cape Town, Pretoria and Hoedspruit, while offering fine dining and elegant suites that are finished with marble and gold. The lounge provides stunning views of the gorgeous landscape, while a personal butler tends to your every need.

Last but certainly not least is the Shongolo Express, a train that crosses multiple countries in Southern Africa. On this route you will make your way through Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique over 12-15 days. This unique journey includes three tours and unique excursions off the train. It may sound like a lot, but the trip is actually quite relaxing. With cabins on board and a casual atmosphere, you get the best of both worlds. You can get the chance to experience unparalleled luxury without the pressure, and you will see some incredible places along the way.

Promo video for The Blue Train

The experiences

Not only will you have the ability to see some remote landscapes with beautiful vistas, you will be able to look at them from old trains that hark back to another era. The best part is that you don’t actually have to live in the old time, you can have your modern experiences while pondering the history. Whether you’re interested in the past or simply want to escape into a world of your own, your trip on the South African rail system promises to be quite a memorable one.

If you want to discover luxury few have ever known, while visiting some extraordinary places and seeing some beautiful scenery, there is no better time than now to escape into wilderness, incredible cities and pure decadence. What are you waiting for? South Africa is calling.

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