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Top tips for adding extra luxury to your trip

If you’re looking for a luxury getaway, the options are endless. Whether it’s a picture-perfect beach with white sands and crystal clear water that floats your boat, or a more action-packed jaunt to one of the world’s most impressive cities, the plethora of top notch hotels and destinations available are sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

But for the seasoned traveller, an opulent five-star hotel and a stunning backdrop are often just the norm – so what should you do if you’re looking for a bit more excitement this time, and a good dose of added luxury to really up the ante?

Research your destination well beforehand and find out whether there are any special festivals or events happening during your stay

Do Something New

Travelling to a new city or country doesn’t mean you have to follow the same well-trodden path as the majority of other tourists – and often, getting off the beaten track can give you the type of unique and memorable experience you would usually miss out on. Whilst guided tours and sightseeing are always worthwhile pastimes, sometimes it’s trying something new that really leaves a lasting impression. Research your destination well beforehand and find out whether there are any special festivals or events happening during your stay – most will have VIP boxes or exclusive areas, providing you with superior service and facilities, great views, and a truly luxurious experience.

Up the Adrenaline

Get out of your comfort zone and do something thrilling! Many sunshine destinations around the world will offer things like zip-lining, bungee-jumping or white-water rafting, making a thrilling change from lounging on the beach and an experience you’re certainly not likely to ever forget.

Likewise, if you’re more of a city slicker, then there’s plenty of excitement to be had if only you search for it. The casinos of Las Vegas are the best in the world, so if you’re visiting this incredible city then it’d be almost rude not to give them a go. Worried about losing your hard-earned cash? Then you can always get in some practice beforehand. The online slots at Give Back Bingo offer a great way to get some experience under your belt, and will help you get the most out of your experience. It’s also one of the top online casinos out there, so you’ll be in good company and playing against the best.

The casinos of Las Vegas are the best in the world

Meet People

Sometimes, it’s the people you meet who really make a trip special, so if you’re the private kind then why not change your approach to travel up a bit and start striking up some conversations? From useful information to hilarious anecdotes, everyone has something interesting to tell, and they might even be able to give you some insider tips on where to find that added luxury. From the best rooftop restaurant and chicest bar in the area, to the most opulent spa, finding a hidden gem can be a real unexpected treat.

Why not try inviting someone different along with you on your next trip? Sometimes it’s seeing everything through a fresh pair of eyes or opening yourself up to a different approach to your getaway can present a whole new world of possibilities.

Travel in Style

You may be used to the very finest hotels and restaurants, but how about upgrading the way you travel? A First Class flight ensures that your trip is a luxury experience from start to finish, and many airlines offer a great selection of added comforts. If you’re going long-haul, you’ll have a more restful experience, too – and you’ll arrive relaxed, refreshed, and ready to enjoy your holiday.

If you’re travelling between countries in Europe, then a luxury train journey can also make the experience more enjoyable – offering great views of the landscape and comfortable surroundings to make it as much a memorable part of your trip as the destinations themselves.

Many still regard luxury travel as picture-perfect beaches with white sands and crystal clear waters

Travel with Awe and Wonder

For those who travel often, taking things for granted can often happen without you even realising, but trying to maintain the sense of awe and wonder you had when you first started jet-setting will really help you to get the most out of your trip.

There’s a lot of joy to be had from discovering new places and immersing oneself in the beauty of nature – whether it’s a hidden waterfall or a vast field of lavender – and the same applies to culture and history. Visit museums and art galleries and really absorb yourself in times gone by. Taking the time to appreciate every last bit of your trip will ensure you go home feeling both thrilled and fulfilled.

And if all else fails? Book yourself the penthouse suite with a private butler and a beautiful view. Because only the best will do!