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Top unique European experiences to try this summer

With summer fast approaching we’ve asked luxury property rental company Le Collectionist to share some of their top ‘must try’ European experiences, catering for both love birds and adrenaline junkies alike. Here are their top picks.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain
Villa Maripose, Ibiza

Walk: Do a foot trail with local professionals into the cliffs of Ibiza where they will show you the best spots to dive from the rocks into the Mediterranean Sea (heights of 5 meters, 10 meters or more depending on experience and bravery..)

Taste: Try wine tasting & C’an Andreu. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Ibiza summer. Rent a boat and soak up some panoramic views while exploring the Ceasar vineyard and C’an Andreu. Wine tasting at the vineyard is a must and discover old Ibiza, in the House C’an Andreu which dates back to the 17th century. Here visitors can also enjoy the original flavours of Ibiza, with a tasting of typical dishes of the island.

Dive deep: Explore the sea while Deep Boarding. Still quite unheard of, deep boarding is an exhilarating and challenging experience. Similar to wakeboarding, divers kitted out with snorkeling gear hold onto a thick durable rope attached to the back of a boat and are pulled along under water. Resembling the motion of a dolphin, divers can get up close with the marine fauna, depending on how shallow or deep they wish to go.

Paddleboard: Discover the hidden coves and seabed of Ibiza with pick-up and drop-off service for customers. Go for as long or as short as you want…and how long you can last!

Saint-Tropez, France

Villa L'Escalet, Saint-Tropez
Villa L’Escalet, Saint-Tropez

Fish with fishermen: Enjoy a sea boat ride with professional fishermen. Get an insight into to Mediterranean fishing techniques in a friendly and passionate atmosphere.

Tour: The Cannery “Au Bec Fin”. Visit the heart of the manufacturing of the Provencal specialties. Take part in cooking courses and cook a complete meal under the presence and guidance of one of their Heads (from the starred establishments). The experience ends with sharing meals with Chef. A special gastronomic experience.

Learn: Visit an exceptional leather workshop and watch them at work creating all your leather goods.

Explore: Enjoy a private tour of Domaine de Manon in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, with key brand names such as Dior sourcing their scents there.

Mykonos, Greece

Villa Neree
Villa Neree, Mykonos

Dine: Enjoy a gourmet dinner for two in one of the famous windmills of Mykonos which you can rent out for a special occasion.

Learn from a master: Join a local Chef for the fish auction when fishermen return to port. Under his guidance and experienced eye, you can select the products for your dinner that night.

Watch: Enjoy some of the biggest cinema hits of the year or rediscover a classic in the open air cinema in one of the Cine Manto Mykonos open air cinema.

Comporta, Portugal

Villa Caetana
Villa Caetana, Comporta

Relax: Enjoy massage, meditation, acupuncture and yoga at the home of local trained instructors Gilberto and his wife. Having spent years in India, both are experts in the field of relaxation and mediation and can provide many different types of yoga and massages.

Horse ride: Explore the long the beaches of Comporta with a former Portuguese equestrian champion, José Ribeira.

Go green: Enjoy the nature of Comporta. Do some dolphin watching and see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat amongst marine fauna while sailing on your own catamaran or look to the skies and see what birds you can spot while hiking the hills of Comporta.

Kea, Greece

Villa Bilelmin
Villa Bilelmin, Kea

Scuba dive: Explore the seabed of Koundouros off the island of Kea. The ultimate diving experience, divers can discover the treasures of the Greek reef with colourful marine life, lush marine vegetation and perfect visibility thanks to the turquoise blue waters.

Kayak: Do a private sunset kayak ride with a local guide to discover unknown places only accessible by kayak.

Discover a new history: Visit the ancient city buried in Karthea. Only accessible by boat, enjoy an invigorating walk to discover this ancient city recently discovered and completely untouched! A truly timeless experience!

Putignano, Italy

Villa Dario
Villa Dario, Putignano

Carnival: As Carnival of Putignano celebrates its 622nd edition, making it the oldest and longest Carnival in the world, visit of the warehouses of Putignano where they create the tanks for the Carnival, made entirely out of paper-mâché! The experience ends by a typical lunch in a Masseria (farm-manor house).

Harvest: Take part in the olive harvest and production of precious olive oil in a historic area! An unforgettable cultured experience where people can discover the richness of the soil of the region.

Sail: Set sail for a day on an original Turkish sailboat and discover beautiful Caicos islands. You will discover the breathtaking coastline of Apulia, from the beaches to the cliffs and through the underwater caves. You can also accompany the captain for a small private sailing course.

Observe: Enjoy an intimate Encounter with the artist Peppino Campanella within his workshop installed at the side of the cliff. Master glassmaker, he makes lights and original decorative objects.

Priding itself on tailor-made experiences with hotel-like services, luxury property rental company Le Collectionist continues to grow, offering more than 1,200 properties in over 130 destinations around the world. With 24hr concierge service in every property, guests can enjoy the best bespoke experiences thanks to the insider tips and knowledge shared by these local experts.