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Unique 5-star resort under the Tuscan sun

Le Ville di Trevinano is the first of its kind in the Italian hospitality market, subtly blending modern design and sustainability into the rustic nature of the traditional Tuscan landscape.

The combination of arts, cuisine, and naive charm has made Tuscany one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Tuscany offers an array of exceptional locations when it comes to accommodation, ranging from city living to spectacular villas hidden in the idyllic countryside. Now, premier boutique resort Le Ville di Trevinano redefines traditional Italian hospitality, adding a touch of modern beauty to the regal simplicity of the Tuscan landscape.

Artist impression of the villa’s exterior

The resort is tucked away in the north of Lazio, bordering Tuscany and Umbria, just at the foot of the Etruscan hilltop village of Trevinano. This unique resort combines the concept of a 5-star hotel, holiday villa, and exclusive retreat, designed to be a home from home with the amenities and services of a luxury getaway.

Le Ville di Trevinano breaks away from the typical Tuscan country casa and introduces clean shallow volumes which are both stunning and sustainable. The minimalist earth-sheltered villas are all fully furnished with high quality, stylish designer furniture, lighting, and accessories. The neutral tones of the open plan rooms are accented by pieces that complete the tranquil atmosphere of the villa.

The floor-to-ceiling windows invite an abundance of natural light into the villa, while allowing the visitor to enjoy and observe real-life paintings of the surrounding landscape. As if this were not enough, the complex also offers a fitness gym, tennis court, infinity pool (in addition to your own private pool), and also caters for young families with a children’s pool.

“This modern piece of architecture blends seamlessly into the existing environment and nature; a modern boutique resort with a high standard, carefully fitted to its surroundings.” Bas ten Brinke, owner of 70F architecture.

Artist impression of the villa’s interior

Rooted in the history of these regions, Le Ville di Trevinano is proud to be one of the most elite and sustainable resorts in Italy, designed with a keen eye for comfort combined with luxury and a stunning landscape, which will make for an unforgettable experience under the Tuscan sun.

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