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What do we define as luxury on holiday?

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Some might say luxury holidays mean spending seven days on sun kissed beach in the Maldives, whilst others feel that heaven is relaxing poolside on a Greek Island.. But what actually defines luxury accommodation?

New research carried out on behalf of long-haul luxury holiday provider,, reveals that over a quarter of UK holidaymakers say that a hotel must have spa facilities to be considered as luxury.

On the other hand, over a fifth feel that an all-inclusive package is all that they need to believe they have grabbed a luxury deal.

20% need at least a private beach at their disposal in order for them to consider their hotel luxurious.

Furthermore, 10% say the accommodation needs to offer a butler to fit the description of lavish stay. And 5% require a chauffeur to feel the extravagance.

Chris Blackwell, a spokesperson for Destination2, said: “It’s interesting to see what people need from their holiday and specifically hotels to feel that they have had a luxury experience.

“The survey also shows that all-inclusive holidays are on the rise. It’s no wonder some respondents say that this is the feature that marks their luxury holidays. On the other hand, clearly there are some holidaymakers that go a bit further and expect chauffeur or butler to be in a luxury accommodation.”

Main image above: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah