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What to consider for a personalised holiday

By LLM Reporters on 12th February 2019

Words by Vanda Bauer – Head of Marketing at Classic Collection Holidays.

Whether you crave a sunny beach trip or cultured city break, creating your dream getaway is all about you. A holiday is your chance to get away from it all and ultimately create an experience that fulfils your own travel needs, wants and desires. Forget the one-size-fits-all holiday packages and read on to help you create your own ultimate getaway…


Is a relaxing trip to the beautiful Lake Como your dream destination?

You don’t need to follow the crowds to ensure an amazing trip. The best-selling destinations might be perfect for Joe next-door, but there is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. You might want to visit Italy, but this gorgeous country alone offers hundreds of destinations. While everyone is crammed into the bustling Amalfi Coast, would a relaxing trip to the beautiful Lake Como or Lake Garda be more of a holiday for you?

Choose your destination carefully with your own goals in mind, and the trip of a lifetime could be yours. Are you seeking escape from the city for a more serene experience, or are you looking to shake things up with more culture and excitement? Think about what you truly want out of your trip and do your research from there. Some lesser-known gems may be your perfect fit.


Do you enjoy visiting a vibrant town square with cafes and bars?

What do you want to spend your time doing? Think about the activities that speak to you and note them down. Listing your dream activities makes it a lot easier for you or your travel agent to create the perfect trip. Not every destination or hotel offers every activity, so make sure you end up in the right place. Do you want cocktails and seafood dinners on the beach? A vibrant town square with cafes, shops and museums? Access to nature and outdoor walks? Close your eyes and imagine where you’d like to be right now… then make it happen. Whether true relaxation means racing on a jet-ski, climbing a mountain or lounging by the pool, you can create a bespoke experience that fits exactly what you need.

The Finer Details

Are you looking for all-out 5* luxury or to experience your destination with more authenticity?

You know your passions and you know how you want to relax. But what else can you get out of your trip? Your holiday is a chance to escape your daily routine and truly be you, but what else should you consider? Take into account the finer details and the overall trip will look after itself. Are you looking for all-out 5* luxury or to experience your destination with more authenticity? Are you taking the kids or want an adult-only oasis? How much travelling are you prepared to do and are their adequate transfers? Do you want a particular room type or an even room number? Would you like an interconnecting room with the rest of your part? Do you really need all-inclusive or would you prefer the chance to explore the local restaurants and cuisines?

Considering these finer points will ensure you remember your trip for all the right reasons. You’ve worked hard all year, so your getaway should be the time that you live out your dreams. Additionally there are so many flight options with dramatically varying prices, so having a specialist look into the best options to cover all your wants and needs will save you both time and money. Start your holiday planning with a clear vision and the world is your exciting oyster…

Classic Collection Holidays has a team of 150 nestled in an office by the sea in Worthing, West Sussex, personalising luxury holidays for each of the 40,000 customers that book directly, or via the 2,000-strong travel agent network, every year. For more information, visit