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Which Greek Island should you visit next?

By LLM Reporters  |  July 29, 2021
Greek islands

With its beautiful beaches draped in golden sand and cities filled with tales of ancient mythology, Greece is home to over 6,000 islands that boast a rare beauty in addition to its bountiful mainland. Each isle is a gem in its own right, making it difficult to discern which is the perfect place for your next visit. If the selection of impressive villas on the Greek Islands aren’t enough to help you make your choice, we’ve handpicked recommendations of the most sensational destinations to choose from for your next big getaway.

3 reasons to visit the Greek Islands

In a place surrounded by aquamarine waters with air that’s thick with culture, it’s no wonder that many travellers fall in love with the islands of Greece. Whether you’ve settled into a villa on the eastern Ionian Islands or have escaped to a sandy beach on the Aegean Sea, there’s nothing like relaxing on an award-winning Greek Island – and here’s why.

Delicious Greek cuisine

Looking for a traditional Greek menu featuring delectable fragrances and a warm environment to welcome you to a long, refreshing feast? You’ll want to amble over to a local taverna, where you’re sure to be delighted by notable Greek hospitality and an array of options for every diet. From the freshest seafoods to the most delightful olive oil, cheeses, vegetables, wines and more, Greece has a plethora of culinary delights waiting to be uncovered.

Greece food breakfast
Greek cuisine is fresh, healthy and delicious – be sure to tuck into the Mediterranean diet with gusto when you visit

Boat trips

If your taste for adventure has taken you to the shores of an electric blue sea, then you will have found it easy to rent a boat on the Greek Islands. Whether you’re a first-time mariner or have been sailing all of your life, mastering the fundamentals of sailing is a quick stint that will soon have you sailing atop the iridescent waters off the shore of your luxurious villa. 

Beautiful beaches

Any travel agent versed in the finest places on the Greek Islands is sure to point you in the right direction of a beach that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for the invigorating experience of a beach lined by bars and tavernas or the quiet solitude of a peaceful and hidden Greek shore, it’s certain that the ideal sandy spot is awaiting your arrival.

Greek Island Holidays: How to choose the right Greek Island

If you can’t make it to these island gems for epic summer adventures, let us assure you that holidays to Greece will never disappoint. Below are a small selection of the amazing places ready and waiting to delight any visitor.

greek island
With a whole host of Greek Island gems available for discovery, choosing which one to visit will be the hardest part


Lefkada is the premier Ionian Island for travellers in search of adventure. While this isle boasts beaches of golden sand, it also attracts windsurfers from around the world and those hoping to catch a major swell. Nidri is a lively village on the eastern coast of Lefkada, it’s the ideal port for family-friendly water sports or island-hopping adventures to neighbouring shores.

Mikros Gialos features smooth pebbled beaches gently lapped by emerald green water and flanked by lush hinterland. This south-facing destination is ideal for a day in the sun. Agios Nikitas on the north-western coast is home to unforgettable aquamarine waters situated between gorgeous white cliffs that kiss the blue sky domed above. 


The historic island of Corfu is where you’ll find a colourful collection of peaceful beaches. Kerasia invites you to easily switch from sunbathing on loungers to lounging in a nearby taverna, while Avlaki is a local favourite that offers the best in swimming and sailing, as well as mouth-watering cuisine at two nearby tavernas. Glyfada offers the perfect spot to enjoy time on the shore and in the water before making the short trip to one of the choice bars in the area.

corfu greek island
Corfu offers up a colourful selection of peaceful beaches


If it’s family entertainment you’re looking for, Zakynthos is well equipped for families travelling with babies, toddlers or teens. The Blue Caves and Shipwreck Beach can be explored by boat tour – perfect for an adventurous soul, while a visit to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos is a must for the chance to spot sea turtles in their natural habitat. Porto Roxa Beach is the premier spot for family exploration – meander over rocky crags and discover what sea-faring creatures may be waiting there to greet you.


Relaxed and rather pint-sized, the small Ionian Island of Paxos packs a punch when it comes to options for rest and revitalisation. Gaios, the ever-charming main port of Paxos, offers Venetian architecture settled at the base of wooded hills – a feast for the eyes while you sip a refreshing beverage at an easy-going bar. Monodendri Beach is a lovely place, where you can settle beneath an olive tree with a drink from a nearby taverna in hand, or settle down for the sunset in Loggos at Taxidi Bar while listening to live local music.

The final word

From fine dining, facial spas and adventurous excursions on the water to serene beach scenes that making unwinding easy, the islands of Greece can offer you a holiday beyond your wildest dreams. After all, is there a better place to while away the hours than on a Greek Island wreathed by cobalt water? We don’t think so.