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Who says holidays are just beaches and sun? Five luxury trends set by over 50s

Holidays are, quite rightly, the highlight of most people’s year. Few things top jetting off to a foreign land and catching some well-earned sunshine for a few weeks, but despite common belief, there’s much more to trips abroad than parasols and factor 50. According to a study by CEBR published by the BBC, over 50s are now spending more and more on holidays, here’s what they’re doing…

Dance the night away

Imagine a night spent under the stars, practicing Latin dances whilst the waves of the Atlantic lapse around you. Spanish destinations are notorious for their thriving nightlife, and deep-rooted love for culture. These days, holiday companies are running classes in locations renowned for particular dances. The tour operator Saga offers tango lessons in Tenerife, and ballroom dancing excursions in Bournemouth, which have proved to be especially popular. It’s always satisfying learning a new skill, and even more so when you can do so in opulent holiday surroundings. Regardless of your ability, there’s always room for dancing shoes in your suitcase.  

A musical getaway is becoming increasingly common

Discover the fine arts 

They say the world is a canvas, and what a fine one it is. Once they’ve had their fix of the UK’s art hotspots- think Durham’s Laing and Baltic galleries – many British art aficionados venture abroad in search of the works of famous artists. You can get a real flavour of the inspiration behind famed paintings, like Van Gogh’s Dutch based masterpieces, by travelling to where it all began. Holidaymakers regularly fly to Amsterdam for the Van Gogh Museum, or further south to delve into the Pablo Picasso collection in Malaga. 

Become one with nature

Just like culture, wildlife varies drastically as you travel across the globe. Many tourists have cottoned on to this, and embarked on tours across Spain, Croatia, Portugal and beyond looking for exotic birds. Grab your binoculars – and maybe a camera if you’re feeling skillful – before laying low in a comfy hide and waiting for tropical species to land or pass by.  

…and walk that extra mile 

Trips away might be synonymous with overindulgence and lounging about, but this isn’t always the case. When you jet off, there’s a strong chance you’ll come across walking tours showing visitors the best of their chosen destination. Brits are frequently flying out to the Mediterranean, putting their hiking boots on and seeing what the Costa del Sol has to offer. These getaways don’t end here, far from it. You’ll also find these intrepid explorers in alpine Slovenia, scaling gentle peaks for views which you’d want on the front of a postcard. 

Just like culture, wildlife varies drastically as you travel across the globe

Fine tune your vacation 

Cultural holidays aren’t just resigned to art galleries. If, like many, you know your Beethoven from your Mozart, then the idea of a musical getaway might appeal. Now, many travellers are flying out to Italy to sit back and listen to the Verona opera in style – the Italians did invent the spectacle, after all. 

There you have it – five ways which the over 50s are revolutionising travel as we know it. With that in mind, what holiday trend will you take up next?