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Why you should try Christmas on the slopes

By LLM Reporters on 17th December 2019

Depending on your location, Christmas can vary from snow-lined streets to a barbeque on the beach, but there is only one place to spend the festive season, and it’s on the slopes. Skiing during yuletide is an incredible experience – there is nothing like the mountain scenery and a ride down a black run on the big day, plus, you’re guaranteed to get snow!

Of course, a ski holiday isn’t all about skiing and snow, read on to discover why you should try Christmas on the slopes this year and make a luxurious skiing week your new family tradition.

Skiing during yuletide is an incredible experience

You can stay in luxurious accommodation

Though snow comes with a chill, you can wrap up warm and, how better to do this than in your luxurious ski chalet – there aren’t many better types of accommodation in the world! How many times can you say you’ve had an indulgent Christmas dinner with Champagne, canapes and a picturesque snow scene surrounding you? When you book a ski holiday, you get all the trimmings – some chalets come with hot tubs, saunas, cinemas and swimming pools, so when you’re not out skiing, you are fully entertained in a luxurious setting.

You’ll get a personal chef

In catered chalets and hotels, the meals are prepared for you by a top-class chef, so you won’t have to lift a finger – bliss! The days of running around making sure the stuffing isn’t burnt and the parsnips aren’t dry are over, instead, you can sit down by a roaring fire and enjoy a glass or two of wine or head out to the slopes and have your dinner when you return. Either way, there is no hassle or stress, which makes a change if you’re usually the designated chef on Christmas Day.

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It’s a fun form of exercise

Skiing is a fantastic form of exercise, as you thoroughly enjoy yourself while you’re partaking in it. Rather than a repetitive session at the gym, skiing down the slope of beautiful mountain in stunning surroundings will surely lift your spirits, not many sports can promise this. In addition to this, the muscle groups that skiing works, as well as your core, will mean that the chances of getting toned or losing weight are greater than usual.

Usually, yuletide is a time for indulging and putting on weight, but not if you opt for a Christmas ski break, so feel free to continue to eat and drink what you like over the festive season, as the fact you’re skiing every day should help you to shed a few calories.

Skiing is a fantastic form of exercise, as you thoroughly enjoy yourself while you’re partaking in it

You can discover a new tradition

Family traditions should be fun and something you look forward to, so if your Christmas tradition has lost its usual festive charm, then you should replace it with a new one. That way, you’ll rediscover your love for the most magical time of the year for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. A Christmas ski break is a great option because it will be difficult for the novelty to fade, being a winter activity, and where better to spend the season living it up than in a real life snow globe?