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typical Tuscany countryside landscape; sunset over rolling hills and Tuscany farmland

Why your holiday should go further than the beach

By LLM Reporters on 22nd February 2019

Words by Vanda Bauer – Head of Marketing at Classic Collection Holidays.

When you think of a summer holiday, your mind might automatically think of the beach. Many people plan their holiday solely around discovering the next stretch of sand, but there is a whole world to be discovered and different ways to experience a destination might not immediately come to mind. There are so many options to escape and relax that are hugely beneficial and create experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Read on to discover why your holiday should go further than the beach…

City Breaks

Porto, Portugal. Aerial cityscape image of Porto, Portugal with the Douro River and the Luis I Bridge during sunrise.
The beautiful city of Porto is located in northern Portugal

The world is full of incredible cities just waiting to be explored. Whatever your mood, there is a city to suit you. Filled with top restaurants, unique architecture and unrivalled shopping opportunities, instead of the beach, why not visit one of these vibrant centres of art, food and culture.

From the city of Porto in northern Portugal with its azure waters, iconic cobblestone streets and famous port wine, to the magic of Venice with its winding watery lanes, dreamy gondola rides and distinctive Italian cuisine, you can find perfect experiences on every cultured corner.

Days in cities like these can be filled with shopping, people-watching, eating and visiting amazing cultural institutions such as art museums and historic cathedrals.

If you’re stuck for inspiration for a holiday not on the coast, try Amsterdam for its fun and laidback offerings, Rome for a taste of its ancient roots or cosmopolitan Zurich where glittering city life meets gorgeous natural surroundings.

Spain offers the gorgeous destination of Seville, where colourful experiences are aplenty. Take a step back from the beach and you may be pleasantly surprised…

Countryside Breaks

Casale Marittimo village vineyards and countryside landscape in Maremma. Pisa Tuscany Italy Europe.
Many provinces of Tuscany may not offer coastlines, but the lush landscapes steeped in rich history offer so much more

Apart from cities, there are astounding areas of natural beauty to see, that also welcome tourists with inspiring restaurants, quaint shopping opportunities and plush hotels. The Italian Lakes may not come with a beach, but you won’t need one when you discover the incredible views and moments of relaxation when you arrive.

Lake Como, in particular, is surrounded by stunning mountains and fine hotels offering an oasis of peace and respite. Take a boat out for the day to take in the full glory of the lake, bask under the Italian sun and visit the multiple charming towns and villages that dot along the lake edge.

Similarly, many provinces of Tuscany may not offer coastlines, but the lush landscapes steeped in rich history offer so much more. Instead of the sand, soak up the sun on vineyard-clad hills, or hire a bike to explore the rolling landscapes and charming hilltop towns.

Countryside breaks offer the chance for adventure and exploration of beautiful surroundings, the opportunity to get active and also to try the delectable and unique cuisines. Venture inland and the sea will be the last thing on your mind. Plus you went there last year, so why not try something new…

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