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Your packing checklist for an amazing cruise

Cruising is a wonderful way to see the world. The best ships have everything you need to keep you occupied while you are at sea. With the added benefit that every day, or so, you arrive in a new port, where you can enjoy something new. It really is an exciting way to travel. But, you do need to be organised when it comes to packing.

Pack something glamorous to wear

Cruise ships are one of those rare places where you can still experience a bit of old world glamour. Onboard most ships there is the chance to enjoy dining in a formal setting. Therefore, you really should pack at least one cocktail dress and if you are travelling with your husband or boyfriend, he should go to the effort of buying or hiring a properly tailored dinner suit.

Before you go out shopping for these special items, take the time to check the dress policy on the cruise ship you will be travelling on. Over the years, cruising has become more diverse. As a result, the dress code does vary. It is always nice to dress up in a special dress, but the last thing you want is to be overdressed and not feel comfortable.

Onboard most ships there is the chance to enjoy dining in a formal setting

Clothes for on board

For the most part you can wear anything you want while you are onboard. All modern ships have both air-conditioning and heating. Therefore, you will be able to stay comfortable regardless of what style of clothing you choose to wear.

However, there are a few additional items you should pack. A wrap will allow you to enjoy a stroll along the decks in the evenings without getting too cold. It really is worth treating yourself to a glamorous one made of a high-quality, lightweight fabric, like silk. This style of shawl can easily be worn with an evening gown, but will not look too out of place on the evenings you are wearing more casual clothes.

If you have long hair, think about how you will keep it in place and protect it while you are on deck. How you do this is very much a matter of personal taste, but you do not want to get too windswept. It is not a good look and, if you are not careful you can do a lot of damage to your hair.

The right clothes for onboard activities

It is always worth taking the time to sit down and think about the activities that you plan to enjoy while onboard. For example, if you fancy sunbathing on the deck don´t forget to treat yourself to a stylish bathing costume or bikini. A pair of designer sunglasses would be nice too. Some sort of sarong will help allow you to cover up any bits that have got too much sun and allow you to potentially stay out on deck for longer.

It is always worth taking the time to sit down and think about the activities that you plan to enjoy while onboard

Try everything on

Try to buy everything you need a week or two in advance. That way you can try everything on to make sure everything fits and that each outfit looks perfect on you. If anything is missing, or you need some nice jewellery to finish off your look you will have time to go out and buy something that is suitable. As much as possible, colour coordinate your cruising wardrobe. Doing this will give you far more outfit options. Before putting together your cruise shopping list, it is really worth watching this short video. It covers the subject of colour coordination and blending in just a few minutes.

A few extras you did not know you need

On a cruise ship most cabins only have one or two plug sockets. It is therefore a good idea to pack a short extension lead with several sockets on it. That way you will have the facility to plug your straighteners in without having to take your e-reader or phone off charge.

It is also worth packing a basic sewing kit. If you have spare buttons for your cocktail dress, jackets and other items of clothing jus slip them into your suitcase. That way if you lose a button you have a replacement to use.