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Smooth Operator: Breville Blend-Active

By LLM Reporters on 5th October 2013

The Breville Blend-Active does what a lot of other sports bottles on the market promise to do but fail to deliver – it blends smoothies and shakes in the bottle. With other models on the market featuring ‘inner whisks’, which simply shake up ingredients, Breville spotted a gap in the market for a bottle that would actually blitz up ingredients like a blender.

The Blend-Active is simple to use, forgoing fancy ‘pulse’ and power buttons in favour of one button, which simply reads ‘Blend’. Hold down the button to whizz up a thin juice or try a few short bursts for a thicker smoothie.

Here’s how it works – fill the bottle with your ingredients (we opted for the classic strawberry and banana) and screw on the blender cap tightly. Turn upside down and slot into the blender unit, then reverse the process once blitzed. The blender cap is replaced with a leak-proof lid, which has a wide opening to allow for thick smoothies and shakes, capped with a click-on ‘top’ to ensure there are no gym-bag spills.

The Blend-Active comes with two dishwasher-safe sports bottles, which are generously sized, large enough to hold up to 600ml of liquid, whilst still being able to fit most bike and car cup holders.

Whilst we can see the Blend-Active being used predominantly for sports shakes, it’s reassuring to know the blades can easily cut through ice…just in case a Mojito calls.

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