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To request a LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine media pack, please email our commercial manager on

Why advertise with us

LLM is the ultimate showcase for five-star travel, fine dining, exclusive property and interiors, luxury cars, high-end fashion, premium beauty, and the very best in male grooming. Our responsibility is to connect our loyal readers with, not only, the world’s most prestigious companies, but also to shine a spotlight on the globe’s leading emerging designer brands.

We publish quality over quantity, as our affluent and high-net-worth readership only want to read about the refined brands and services that deliver on their promises. Our readers have an average household income of more than £150k a year and enjoy spending their hard-earned cash on life’s finer things.

The various options

Creative content solutions

– Native and bespoke creative solutions created by the LLM in-house team and hosted on

– Development of bespoke creative solutions to tie in an advertiser with the prestigious LLM brand.

– Dedicated native strategy with bespoke formats seamlessly integrated with the LLM editorial.

– Leveraging our award-winning design and creative teams.

– Unique brand amplification and reach.

Brand focus feature

A dedicated feature on your brand, written in-house, to a clear brief supplied by the client. Offering the chance to showcase your brand in the form of an advertorial to our consumers with engaging content, which will inspire our readers to seek you out, while blending in with the natural content on our website.

Native content

Co-creating content with our native advertising solutions allows you to engage our diverse and influential consumers in a bespoke and authentic way. Your promoted content, both its look and function, blends organically into the unique environment of our quality, trusted brand. Written in-house, to a clear brief supplied by the client.

Priority publishing

For a small fee we will publish a client’s press release – as long as it meets our editorial standards of luxury and has a strong consumer angle. There may be the requirement for some minor editing to ensure it meets our guidelines and required format.

Third party editorial

We work with a number of leading content marketing agencies to promote their high-end clients to our affluent audience. Third party content must fall within the editorial subject matter of LLM.


We offer our readers a chance to enter and win regular competitions, including luxury hotel stays, gift sets and accessories, and this is your chance to be featured. We don’t charge a placement fee for a competition but we do ask for a prize value of at least £1k. More information is available on request.

Display advertising

We provide an extensive range of cost-effective, fixed rate banner display opportunities. Prices are available on request.

Email marketing

LLM has over 14,500 email subscribers. These loyal subscribers have been built in line with the new rules surrounding GDPR. As a result, the quality of the data ensures that advertisers reach a targeted and highly engaged audience, and enjoy optimum open and click-through rates. Feature alongside our engaging content by sponsoring our monthly emails, we have a selection of packages available for you. Alternatively, a limited number of solus mailers are available every month, where your compelling message can reach our subscribers direct.

Bespoke campaigns

If the above solutions don’t fit your brief, we are pleased to also offer our clients bespoke advertising packages such as creative content, competition, banner display and social media. Contact us today to discuss a package that works best for you.

To request a media pack with prices, please email our commercial manager on

Work with us: Luxury SEO content


Here at LLM we understand the importance of leading with compelling content that will truly resonate with your discerning audience. Offering brands an exclusive opportunity to thrive, whilst navigating their way through a ‘new normal’ luxury landscape; we’ve partnered up with the experts of LUXE BB – content creation specialists who bridge the gap between creativity and strategy.

Tell your story and execute your key brand messages with smart SEO aligned content across topical blog and newsletter copy, website copy, captivating advertorials and more. Prices bespoke and quoted on request. For more information on becoming a leader in luxury with creative and strategic content from our expert team, click here.

Before booking in any advert, pls read through our advertising terms and conditions here.