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LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is the ultimate sourcebook of beautiful ideas and detailed information, inspiring its readers to become their own interior designers. From bathrooms to bedrooms and kitchens to living rooms, we’re the number one destination for all your property news and features.

garden furniture

8 outdoor trends that you’ve been taking up in your gardens this year

Top tips for transporting some of those awkward items during a house move
4 design mistakes to avoid when remodelling your kitchen
How to add warmth to a mostly minimalist space
5 ways to turn your property into a luxury Airbnb rental
How to create a stunning front garden to up your kerb appeal
How to take your swimming pool from lacklustre to luxurious
How to enhance your home with upgraded lighting
The very best luxury ceiling ideas to give your home the wow factor
A step by step guide to creating your contemporary kitchen of dreams
Luxurious features to elevate your kitchen to showroom status and beyond
5 signs you need to hire a professional cleaner
The top luxury bedding brands to indulge in
Luxury Gazebo
How to make your garden into the ‘fifth room’ of the house
Up-level your gardening skills and create a luxury focal point for your garden with a quality wooden greenhouse
black kitchen
Unique interior design trends for modern luxury
marble kitchen
Taking care of your home: Top tips on preserving those quality purchases
Top tips for creating a sociable space in your garden
Boca do Lobo: 15 years of history, centuries of legacy
How to heatwave-proof your home this summer
3 top tips for the lazy gardener
modern home
5 interior design trends we are loving right now
Luxury kitchenware every home needs right now
Tried and tested: 5 of the finest kitchen gadgets to make you a whizz in the kitchen
10 insider tips to transform your home with interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott
5 ways to revitalise your home post-lockdown, according to the experts
Generous couple transform rural cottage into a luxurious retreat and are now raffling it off for charity
Let there be light: How roof windows have the power to transform your home
games room
Creating the ultimate luxury games room in your home
dining room
Dining room delights: Creating the room of your dreams to make every mealtime a marvellous one
4 ways to upgrade your home office with the latest smart technology
How to incorporate a timeless traditional look in your home in 5 steps
Kasadamo: Where art and furniture become one
The top luxury furniture ideas for 2020, according to an interior design expert
Luxury flooring trends to give your kitchen the wow factor
Bellarose Frames
Bellarose Frames: Bespoke illustrations designed to add the wow factor to any home
How to give your living room a luxurious makeover in 4 simple steps
5 ways to maximise kitchen storage, according to the experts
How to create a wildflower garden of dreams
Sera of London at home in Little Venice
Sera of London: The Bohemian interior designer you need to know about
KSAR Collection
The KSAR Collection: Why a fouta towel is the must-have accessory for recreating a luxury spa experience at home