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Style & Beauty

The very latest in designer fashion, style, beauty and male grooming. We’ve got news and reviews on all the latest luxury launches from the world’s most iconic brands. Our team of experts will ensure you look your very best at all times.


Linda Meredith’s top tips for winter skin

It’s that time of year again when skin feels a bit lacklustre and the winter blues may be beginning to kick in. We speak with celebrity faciliast Linda Meredith on her top tips and products for managing...

Banish cellulite and reshape your body with T-Shape technology

By LLM Reporters

Sara Darling tries out the T-Shape by Baldan treatment, a procedure that promises to get to grips with your unwanted cellulite. Can you really get rid of cellulite? Give yourself an hour a fortnight and...

Kiri Bloore

Travel the world and look beautiful with leading sports presenter Kiri Bloore

By Leila Stocker

As a sports presenter Kiri Bloore is rarely off a plane, we checked in with her for some top hints and tips on how to fly and stay fabulous while doing so… So Kiri we know you have been on the road since...

Stimulate your skin with the SKN REHAB Signature Facial

By LLM Reporters

Words by Sara Darling It’s time to slough off the dead skin cells and prepare for autumn. However much we have got used to the sunshine, the onset of winter means that it’s a good idea to prepare...


Ten beauty benefits of pumpkin

By LLM Reporters

When you think of October, instantly your mind draws towards Halloween; costumes, makeup and of course pumpkins (not just the latte!) But you may not have stopped to think about the benefits that pumpkin...

Men's Grooming

model man hair

Four male hair myths debunked

Hair experts have exposed four common hair mistakes made by men and have issued simple advice to sort them. The team behind have encouraged men to take greater care of their hair by dispelling...

The ultimate guide to beards

By LLM Reporters

Knowing how to properly look after a beard is tricky, let the ultimate guide to beards put your mind at ease with in-depth hints and tips. How should a man take care of his beard at home? Beard hair is...

The key men’s hair trends for autumn/winter 2018

By LLM Reporters

What are the biggest men’s hair trends for A/W 2018? Well we asked Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of leading London salon HARE&BONE, for his top four picks. Short Back & Sides...

The most common men’s shaving & beard grooming questions answered

By Jake Daniels

I’ve been a male grooming expert for nearly ten years now, and in that time have been asked hundreds of different questions about skincare, the best ways to shave and how to maintain the perfect looking...


Top tips for growing men’s hair out

By LLM Reporters

Once upon a time, longer hair was a rarity for men, but these days the ‘man bun’ is a key statement look and can look great with a sharp, expensive suit. While in the past, flowing locks may have meant...

Men's Style

Five James Bond-inspired outfits to wear to a casino

Remember James Bond in Casino Royale? Drawing the attention of the room as he strode through it with his trademark elegance, swagger, and refined gentleman’s style. Thanks to the glitz and glam of Hollywood...

Seven of the best Rolex watches for men you can buy online

By Dan Cole

If you’ve been following the trends with us here at Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, you’ll know that classic wristwatches are firmly en vogue this season, particularly those at the top end of the market....

Dressing for success: The real reasons men get ahead at work

By LLM Reporters

For those who are fans of the finer things in life, working hard is often the key to making that luxury lifestyle a reality – and when it comes to winning in the workplace, it’s as much about looking...

Six accessories guaranteed to make your suit pop

By LLM Reporters

We all know that a suit is undoubtedly the sharpest and smartest outfit any man can be attired in. When fitted correctly it ought to exemplify all of your best physical attributes and subtly hide any flaws....

Are you wearing glasses that don’t suit you without knowing it?

By LLM Reporters

When it comes to finding the right spectacles for your face, seeing isn’t always believing (and believing isn’t always seeing!). It could be that you are comfortable with the same old frames you’ve...

Women's Fashion

’80s Obsession: Mastering the 2018 neon trend

Words by Melanie Victoria It looks like the minimalist movement of the past few years is on its last breaths as this season is making the shift towards eye-popping, statement-making styles. One of the...

Stylist James Yardley tells us how to banish changing room blues

By Amelia Holloway

Brits spend an average of 9.3 weeks of their lives in changing rooms, yet according to new research from retail property group, Hammerson, over half of us dread the experience*. Changing rooms are the...


High end heels: Four staple stilettos for the festive period

By LLM Reporters

Words by Simran Panesar As the Christmas season approaches the festive events begin. As women our minds go into overdrive on what or who to wear and usually think of footwear as a last resort, but why...


How to find your signature style

By LLM Reporters

In a modern world full of trending topics, hot hashtags and a bounty of buzzwords, it can be difficult to know where to start in terms of developing your signature style. Even the definition of the term...

Are you wearing glasses that don’t suit you without knowing it?

By LLM Reporters

When it comes to finding the right spectacles for your face, seeing isn’t always believing (and believing isn’t always seeing!). It could be that you are comfortable with the same old frames you’ve...