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Sweet Treats

All the latest news on chocolate and all other things deliciously sweet. Browse our super tasty collection of articles, features and recipes on sweet treats. Enjoy!

How to create a luxury coffee station at home

Centauri Honey: The most coveted honey in the world, sought out by doctors, royals and celebrities alike
Review: The Rosebery, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Knightsbridge in London
Brand focus: Naviluna Chocolates sets top notch standards for Indian cacao beans
How to make the most delicious coffee and walnut cake, a true classic British cake for afternoon tea
Warm up with this easy and delicious berry crumble recipe
How to make perfect fluffy American pancakes
Sweet sensations: 6 of India’s most spectacular desserts
How coffee is served around the world
strawberry mille-feuille
Recipe: A sumptuous summer strawberry mille-feuille by Michelin-star chef Asimakis Chaniotis
gooseberry and ederflower tart
Recipe: How to make the most delicious gooseberry and elderflower tart
Your daily cup: How to taste and buy speciality coffee
Recipe of the Week: Chocolate adzuki bites for World Chocolate Day
Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins
Make the most of seasonal berries with this tasty raspberry and white chocolate muffin recipe
Peach and Passion Fruit Jam
Recipe: How to make a delicious peach and passion fruit jam at home
A celebration of chocolate: The simplest of life’s luxuries
No Bake Didsbury Gin Citrus Cheesecake_02
Recipe: How to make a delicious no bake gin citrus cheesecake at home
How to enjoy a quintessentially English afternoon tea at home
dalgona coffee
Recipe of the week: Chocolate Dalgona coffee with maple and vanilla by Billington’s Sugar and Paul A Young
STAUB Giant Pan Cookie - Please Credit Emma Spitzer
How to make a delicious giant pan chocolate chip cookie
How to make the perfect cup of coffee at home and 7 mistakes to avoid
The 6 best coffee machines to buy online right now
The Best of British: Shining a spotlight on the finest food and drink brands to enjoy at home
Recipe of the week: Claire Thomson’s delicious malted banana and cacao bread
The rise of the CBD sweet treat
Restaurant Review: Afternoon tea at Moncks Brasserie, Mayfair in London
Two delicious new South African stone fruit recipes by celebrity chef Reuben Riffel
Review: Royal Artisan Bakery, Westminster in London
Meringue-makers whipping up a storm in the confectionary world still conquering new peaks after 10 years
Tradition with a twist: 8 of Asia’s best afternoon teas
NYC’s fashion hotspot hotel The Lowell launches ‘Coco’s Haute Couture Afternoon Tea’ for Fashion Week
Adding a touch of class with tea
The oldest chocolate brands in the world
The future of tea: The biggest consumer trends to look out for in 2019
Is the Royal Paris Coffee Maker the most luxurious coffee machine in the world?
Lily Vanilli's Baileys Showstopper Salted Caramel Cake
Ready, set, bake: Lily Vanilli’s Baileys Showstopper Salted Caramel Cake
The Galvin Tarte Tatin with crème Normande
How to cook the perfect tarte tatin with crème Normande by Galvin
Afternoon Tea Review: Cloud 23 at Beetham Tower in Manchester, Lancashire
Sushi Shop launches limited edition caviar box
Exploring the world’s most luxurious coffees
How to make the ultimate pancakes