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The latest luxury travel news and reviews from Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Discover the very best in luxury travel, five-star hotels, resorts, spas and more. Be inspired by the world’s most exotic locations, recommended destinations, travel advice and tips.

Accessories & Gadgets

Why you should use a VPN when travelling abroad

What is the most important thing to take with you when travelling abroad? A VPN. Using the internet abroad differs a lot from what you’ve used to have at home. And we’re not talking about new...

The must have travel apps that make holidaying easier & more enjoyable

By LLM Reporters

Whether you’re heading to the beaches of Majorca, or crossing the pond to America, chances are you’re going to be taking a smartphone with you. But, how often do you set aside time to see what apps...

Seven top travel accessories for backpackers

By LLM Reporters

When it comes to planning your next getaway, backpacking might not exactly be at the top of your list. From night buses to hostels, nothing about the traditional idea of it screams glamour – but it’s...

Nearly 90% of guests happy to use apps to organise hotel stays

By LLM Reporters

A hospitality trends survey commissioned by a leading London-based international branding and interior design agency has revealed that 88 per cent of people staying in hotels would like to reserve, check...

The top five travel websites to watch out for in 2018

By LLM Reporters

As travel trends continue to expand, from increasing expansion of the sharing economy, to more personalised and tailored travel experiences, tools that facilitate an authentic experience will be a must-have...


Five of the best luxury cruise holidays for families or group travellers

Sometimes when going on holiday with your children or as a group, it can be difficult to know which cruise line is best for you – especially when it comes to the luxury cruise market. Fran Hayden, Marketing...

04 Amadeus Provence Vienne

Exploring Europe’s Waterways: Our pick of the top five luxury river cruises from Amadeus

By LLM Reporters

What better way to take in Europe’s Waterways than aboard one of Amadeus River Cruises award-winning ships. Enjoy the passing scenery in leisurely comfort and style, savour local specialties onboard...

Cruising holidays boom with record figures in 2017

By LLM Reporters

Almost two million cruises were taken by British holidaymakers in 2017, with a record high of 1,959,000 cruise passengers reported in latest figures, released by industry body, the Cruise Lines International...

Five of the best river cruises of Asia

By LLM Reporters

Asia is a destination that is best seen to be believed. No words can conjure up the rich culture that exists everywhere you look, nor is any sentence able to do justice to the unique and intriguing lifestyles...

On board the Genting Dream: Bindu Gopal Rao reviews this luxury cruise liner

By LLM Reporters

Words by Bindu Gopal Rao Can you imagine a mermaid falling in love with an astronaut? Well seems improbable right? But this is exactly what you can see aboard the luxury cruise liner Genting Dream. Okay...


Skyline from Museum of Islamic Art

Doha city guide: The best hotels, restaurants, bars & tourist attractions

Soaring above the azure Arabian sky bound for Doha, the capital of Qatar, we relaxed in style on board our Qatar Airways flight and gazed in wonder at the sight of the city, spread out below and crammed...

Old port and marina in Cyprus

A luxury guide to Cyprus: The best hotels, restaurants, bars & places to visit

By Amy Ockelford

I’ve been visiting Greece for decades for the beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery and wonderful people. But it had never occurred to me to head just across the water, a little further east, to Cyprus....

Cannes Film Festival 2018: Cinema’s Stars & Superyachts

By LLM Reporters

Words by Rebecca Whitlocke Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous events on the French Riviera and the cinema industry’s top film producers, actors and A-listers add to the luxury with...


Barcelona: Discovering Gaudí’s most fascinating works

By LLM Reporters

With sun, sea and plenty of beaches nearby, a city break to Barcelona is the perfect short escape for summer. Combining rest and relaxation with all the culture the city has to offer makes for a well-rounded...


Top five destinations that will never go out of fashion

By LLM Reporters

It’s getting to that time of year again, when after a long, cold winter, warmer climes are calling our names – and with holiday season about to get underway, it’s a great time to book your next getaway. With...

Hotels, Resorts & Villas

Fitness review: The Oitavos Hotel Wellness Retreat with Dan Roberts

Traditional ‘fly and flop’ holidays are being pushed aside as the popularity of active breaks continues to rise. Writer Nilufer Atik decided to try out Portugal’s latest fitness offering… Once...

Top five luxury casino hotels outside of Las Vegas

By Melanie Kruger

For casino fans, you just can’t beat the bright lights and excitement of Las Vegas. But what happens when you can’t make it to Sin City? Thankfully, the casino culture has made its way around the world...

Hotel Review: Staying in style at Sydney’s Sir Stamford at Circular Quay

By Glenn Harris

Sydney is one of the world’s most stunning cities filled with shiny skyscrapers, 200 year old landmarks, the iconic opera house and a bustling waterfront scene of quays, marinas and waterfront bistros...

The Kensington hotel hosts Royal inspired masterclasses to celebrate Harry and Meghan’s wedding

By Sue Tidy

With the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle sure to bring some glamour and sparkle to the capital, The Kensington hotel has come up with some great ideas to help get you in the celebratory mood. Inspired...

Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia

Hotel Review: Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia, Goa in India

By LLM Reporters

Words by Bindu Gopal Rao Goa – just the name is enough to evoke the sight of endless beaches and a rich cultural and architectural history. While the North of Goa is more bustling, there is a quiet charm...

News, Features, Tips & Advice

Three key elements you need for a luxury multi-destination holiday

The only thing better than a luxury holiday in a single destination is a luxury holiday in several destinations in quick succession. Whether you have a penchant for beaches, touring historic city centres,...

The Royal Honeymoon will be in the very heart of Italy, research predicts

By LLM Reporters

With the Royal Wedding just over a month away, speculation about where the royal couple will go afterwards is reaching fever pitch – with hundreds of potential honeymoon destinations being suggested. However,...

Luxury travel becomes increasingly appealing & experiential

By LLM Reporters

The luxury travel market is growing and diversifying, with an increasing focus on experiential experiences, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. The company’s latest report:...

10 of the most picturesque roads in Britain

By LLM Reporters

British drivers are being encouraged to break up the monotony of grey motorways and bleak A-roads this year by taking to some of the most picturesque roads across the UK. Motoring experts from car leasing...

Cruising holidays boom with record figures in 2017

By LLM Reporters

Almost two million cruises were taken by British holidaymakers in 2017, with a record high of 1,959,000 cruise passengers reported in latest figures, released by industry body, the Cruise Lines International...

Private Jets

The most beautiful private jet interiors

Although flying by private jet has, in recent years, become more accessible, it is hardly becoming mainstream, au contraire. This mode of transport still requires the passenger to be in possession of more...

Inside three of the world’s most luxurious jets

By LLM Reporters

Private jets are renowned for their luxurious interiors. Whether you’re chartering a large or small jet, you can be sure you’re going to fly in pristine luxury. However, there’s no denying some jets...

The only way is up for JetClass as new GlobeAir partnership is announced – adding an air of luxury to business travel in Europe

By Melanie Kruger

Things are taking off for groundbreaking new start-up, JetClass – which has announced a brand new partnership with leading European private jet operator, GlobeAir. In a move that is set to provide a...


Uncovering the empty leg myth

By LLM Reporters

With no queues, no fixed schedules, no delays and no hassle, private jets are the most efficient means of getting from point A to point B; the ultimate form of travel. But getting to point B brings with...

private jet

The top European travel destinations best reached by private jet

By LLM Reporters

The days are slowly getting lighter as we emerge from winter but cold and grey conditions continue to leave us feeling down. Yet, there are ways of surviving this time of the year other than curling up...