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Women’s Fashion

Explore the latest women’s fashion trends and fashion news on LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Get the lowdown on the latest high street, couture, street style and red carpet looks and luxury trends for women of all sizes.

Women's corporate fashion

9 essential luxury accessories for corporate women

Spring/summer 2021 trends: The top 4 signature fashion looks you need to know this season
Made in Italy: How innovative luxury activewear brand Varenna is challenging the status quo
mark schwartz shoes
In conversation with Mark Schwartz, artist and shoe designer to the stars
designer bag
Choosing the right bag for the occasion
Top tips on how to look and feel elegant
An interview with Rebecca Prunali, founder of sustainable luxury marketplace Talia Collective
Nomi Fame
Quality over quantity: The empowering women’s brand taking it back to basics when it comes to luxury
Luxury jewellery brand Edge of Ember launch new Protection Collection
A closer look: Hawkers release eco-friendly H20 line of gender-neutral sunglasses
Introducing Thread Tales, a brand redefining luxury and putting meaning and purpose back into fashion
Behind the Brand: We talk to Lucky Metal founder Dovi Friedmann about his top-of-the-range platinum jewellery
A closer look at English Utopia: Beautiful, hand crafted outdoor clothing inspired by the English countryside
Preparing to propose? How to pick the perfect engagement ring in 2021
Does 2021 mark the beginning of a new era for luxury?
5 luxury Asian fashion brands set to make waves in the industry this year
Silk: A history and look at how historical figures have inspired us over the years
It’s luxury, but not as we know it: How luxury brands are embracing new digital platforms and media
LLM Chats: We take 5 minutes to chat to Tom Glover, MD of renowned British clothing label Peregrine
The luxury style trends that will never go out of fashion
Edinburgh Cashmere
Edinburgh Cashmere: Where cosy winter comfort meets luxury fashion
How the hoodie went high-end
How luxury glasses wearers are moving online in the midst of Covid-19
Lab grown diamonds – should you buy them?
From new ways of shopping to the latest must-haves: The ultimate guide to luxury shopping in the era of Covid-19
Diamond Ring
5 unique diamond ring designs to choose from for an engagement in 2021
luxury shoes
Top things to consider when shopping for luxury shoes online
alicia swim
Behind the Brand: From Victoria’s Secret model to designer, we talk to the founder of ALICIA SWIM
Why Baunat is a rare diamond in the world of luxury jewellery
5 bespoke luxury fashion items you need in your life
Diamond clarity and its importance when determining the value of the gem
antique jewellery
Why you should buy antique jewellery
Sassi Hollford
Behind the brand: Meet British fashion and bridal designer Sassi Holford
The best luxury, stylish and reusable face masks to wear right now
The top 5 most iconic Chanel handbags of all time
Exclusive insight: A fashion aficionados modern-day wedding
The biggest factors influencing the luxury fashion world in 2020
Wandering I: The cutting-edge online fashion store drawing inspiration from across the globe
The top 5 luxury women’s fashion websites to visit right now, handpicked by the experts
The designer clothes manual: How to look after your luxury clothes so they last a lifetime
leathers jackets couple fashion
Leather fashion through the ages