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Health & Wellbeing

This section is packed with news, tips and features on men’s, women’s and family health. Get the very latest in weight loss, diet and nutrition. From weights to cardio, and yoga to pilates exercises, we’ve got everything you will need to know to stay in shape.

Meet the beauty and wellness PR expert: Moe McCarthy of MMC Communications

man on running machine
How to safely return to gym based workouts and classes
Top cleaning tips during the pandemic, based on expert advice
From cycling to kayaking: How to embrace an active holiday in Tenerife
Tiger's nest in Bhutan
5 luxury yoga retreats to bookmark for travel in 2021
Young Woman Practicing Yoga On Nature.
Mindfulness and the rise in the retreats to bring balance back into our lives
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The best states in the USA to move to for better health and an improved quality of life
JustCBD Oil Coconut Oil
The major benefits of using CBD oil in 2021
Enjoy a relaxing spa session at home
How to spa at home: Leading treatments and gadgets
8 of the best female-only wellness resorts around the world
The rise of connected fitness: What it is and why these mega influencers are excited about it
Hemp Cbd Oil Pipette, Marijuana Oil Bottle, Cannabis Extracts
CBD for fitness enthusiasts – can this supplement help improve your workout performance?
Workouts at home
The rise of home gyms and online fitness classes
Partage: The forward-thinking ethical marketplace that is transforming the way we shop
Win a $300 tea bundle from ZABICOLife, one of the most prestigious herbal tea brands in the world
A closer look at the rise of organic health and beauty
The rise of the garden office: How this flourishing trend is set to boost productivity when corporate office working resumes
SMOKO - enjoying your vape in Banus girl 3
Meet the premium e-cigarette brand that have prevented over 275,000,000 cigarettes from being smoked
Plant-based and vegan: Is there a difference and does it matter?
Boost your health and wellbeing in 2021 with ZABICOLife luxury herbal teas
How drinking coffee can improve your working day
Dr. Emeka Okorocha
Meet the fitness trailblazer who’s shaking up the fitness industry
Laurea Spa
Heal with nature in 2021 at Madeira’s luxurious Laurea Spa
Everything you need to know about collagen
yoga fitness
4 essential ways to boost your health and wellbeing in 2021
A spring clean, for your health, wellness and home
How to be successful, happy and achieve your goals in life
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What makes CBD a luxury product?
7 ways to aim for all round self-improvement for a new post-pandemic life
The top luxury health and wellbeing tourism trends in 2021
Mattress buying guide: How to find the right type of mattress for you
Staying healthy in lockdown 3.0: A nutritionist’s top tips
The yoga trends that will transform your wellbeing practice in 2021
Meet the CBD expert: Finn Hänsel, founder and CEO of Sanity Group and VAAY
A beginner’s guide to meditation and mindfulness for improved mental health
6 relaxing activities to do during lockdown to help ease anxiety
How to deal with Valentine’s Day if you’re divorcing, by Family Law in Partnership
Seaweed, volcanic stones and tropical fruits – revitalising therapies that you can enjoy in Tenerife
From frazzled to focused: How luxury nootropics are transforming the work day
Just the tonic: How luxury oils have the power to transform your health
Creating the perfect luxury gym set-up at home