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Want to set up a new business? How to work in luxury from the start

By LLM Reporters on 20th October 2019

When it comes to business premises, there are plenty of options available for start-ups in today’s modern world. Gone are the days of basic, tiny offices being the only option on the cards, and instead, spacious, luxurious and impeccably designed spaces are yours for the taking.

First impressions count, and if you want potential customers or partners to take you seriously from the word go, then a stylish office space is the way to go. You’ll have them from the moment they set foot in the door for your first meeting, and will be remembered for all the right reasons.

The rise of serviced offices means that lavish office spaces aren’t just available for big businesses. As a start-up business, serviced offices mean you won’t need to compromise on style. But what exactly are serviced offices? And how can they help your start-up?

When it comes to business premises, there are plenty of options available for start-ups in today’s modern world

What are serviced offices?

When it comes to workspaces for start-ups and SMEs, serviced offices have become a popular choice. Put simply, a serviced office is a workspace that comes readily furnished, with internet and pre-connected phone lines that are paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Serviced offices are a convenient and cost effective way to get a space of your own, and growth in popularity has meant there’s more choice than ever before, with a range of high-quality spaces on offer to suit all tastes and needs. And, with a raft of benefits to enjoy, you can guarantee it will be money well spent.

The main benefits

Serviced offices come with a range of benefits. For a start, their flexible pay-as-you-go monthly fee is a lot more cost-effective than the typical costs associated with renting business premises. The more services you use, the more your fee, however – but this can still be much cheaper than renting a traditional office space, leaving you free to spend your money on much more enjoyable things.

Serviced offices also offer scalability. With a traditional office, your business will most likely be bound to a contract with a long lease. This can be difficult if you outgrow your premises. A serviced office, on the other hand, offers flexible lease agreements and can accommodate growth. So, if you need to leave your serviced office within short notice it’s possible! Likewise, if you’re happy where you are but need more space, serviced office providers can give you a bigger space in their building!

Office waiting room interior with gray and wooden walls, wooden floor, large windows with cityscape and red sofas and armchairs near round coffee tables. Horizontal mock up poster. 3d rendering
Serviced offices come with a range of benefits such as scalability

Access to high-quality equipment

One of the main appeals of serviced offices is the quality they offer. Serviced office providers aim to maintain their staff and technology, so they ensure all of their services and facilities are of high quality, and that standards are maintained at all times.

As a start-up, investing in staff or equipment of quality can come with a high price. However, with a serviced office, these large overheads are forgotten, meaning you can guarantee a high quality at a lower price.

Work in luxury

The serviced office market shows no signs of slowing down, growing by almost 20% in 2017. And it comes as no surprise, with many serviced office providers offering a range of perks in their buildings.

For example, serviced offices from Be Offices offer coffee and daily fresh fruit as part of their serviced office package. Not only do they provide high quality office spaces that make a lasting impression, they also include services such as call handling, cleaning and mail handling – allowing you to work in style and focus on your business rather than the small stuff, which is perfect for start-ups who want to grow.