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4 things to consider when creating the perfect carport size for your luxury vehicles

By LLM Reporters  |  September 2, 2021

Simple and yet oh-so practical, a carport is the ideal place to store your car or cars when parked at your property. Though you may wish to store any vintage vehicles or supercars in an underground or secure garage on your property, any car you are using on a regular basis needs to be close at hand, and this is where a carport comes in very handy.

Having a carport can help homeowners protect their vehicles from multiple elements, including snow, hail, ice, rain, and sun and the best thing about this addition to your property is that it can be suitable for various vehicles, including cars, RVs, boats, trucks, bikes, and SUVs.

Varying hugely in size, design, material and their uses in addition to being a safe shelter for your desirable vehicle, when it comes to planning a carport for your home there are plenty of things to consider if you wish the project to turn out perfectly. Below, we are going to take a look at the four main aspects you need to consider when creating the perfect carport for your luxury vehicle.

carport luxury home
Size, design and material will be major factors when planning your carport to protect your vehicles from the elements


The most important and obvious factor has to be the size of the carport you wish to have, and this will depend on many factors. There are multiple options and styles available, but deciding on the right carport size should be the top factor in your decision-making process. 

There are different carport sizes available that you can choose from, including a single, double and triple size carport. A single carport is usually 12’ wide and is suitable for a standard car or a truck. It is wide enough to allow you to open the car doors to go in or out. If you have one car and won’t need another one in the future, a single carport is an ideal choice. 

If you have two vehicles, then a double carport will work best for you. It is usually 18’ to 24’ wide and can fit two cars easily or one large vehicle. A triple carport is usually up to 30’ wide and can easily fit three cars or vehicles. Some triple carports are even wider than the usual 30’ and therefore will fit multiple cars and other items you may wish to store there.

carport luxury home render
Any addition to your luxury home needs to have a strong design element and here you have a great opportunity to blend practicality and style perfectly

Other dimensions

Aside from the width of the carport, you will have to take other dimensions into consideration – height and length. To determine the right height and length, you need to identify the vehicle you plan to park under it. A standard car can easily fit in a carport that is 21’ in height, but you will require a bigger space for larger vehicles. Aside from the standard sizes, you can always get your carport customized according to your needs, therefore, identifying the use of the carport can help you figure out its ideal size. 

Other uses for your carport

This leads us on nicely to the next section that is considering other uses for your carport. Once you know what uses you will need this addition to your property for you will be one step closer to knowing exactly what size and style you require.

Besides protecting your luxury vehicle from the elements, you might also need additional storage in the carport for tools, sporting goods, and outdoor equipment. The standard single carport isn’t sufficient enough to provide storage space once a car is parked so if you are housing one vehicle and require storage space, you would be better suited to a double carport. 

You could also consider other elements such as if you are attaching the carport to your property and you would like to build above it to create some extra living space. This would have an impact on the materials you would use, of course, and the design, which we will talk more about next.

Once you have decided on the size and use of your carport you can then look into choosing the right material for your needs

Choosing the right material

Once you have decided on the size and use of your carport you can then look into choosing the right material for your needs. Wood and metal are the two main options you have, and the decision will be based on the weather conditions and the above factors. While wood looks fantastic and you have the scope for an all-natural looking carport in your garden, often metal framed options are better. Providing better durability and less warping, sagging and termite damage than a wooden version, metal carports should last longer and have better structural integrity.


Any addition to your luxury home needs to have a strong design element and here you have a great opportunity to blend practicality and style perfectly. Decide whether you wish to have a detached carport or one that attaches and blends naturally into the design of your house. If you opt for detached then you can aim to blend the design seamlessly into your surroundings by opting for a barn style port with doors, for example, or use elements from the garden design within your carport design.

You will also need to think about whether you wish to drive through the carport, install doors, whether you will need surrounding walls and how much – if any – storage you require inside in addition to the roof. Would you want to up the style factor with a pitched glass roof or have a sturdy flat roof? Perhaps you wish to mount solar panels to the top for a more environmentally friendly addition to your home. Whatever you decide there will no doubt be a contractor willing to undertake any bespoke work you wish in order to create your perfect carport for you.