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6 of the most luxurious vans in the world

We take a look at six of the most premium options on the market today to consider splashing out on or hiring for short-term use, all of which are guaranteed to tick all the right boxes and more.

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White passenger van Mercedes-Benz Viano (W447) at the countryside.
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Travel should always be an opulent experience, whether the purpose is business, or pleasure. And investing in – or hiring – a plush luxury van is the perfect way to make sure you get from A to B in style, and that any important guests can comfortably accompany you along the way.

Whether you’re looking for sumptuous interiors with impeccable attention-to-detail, or are more concerned with performance, there’s a luxury van to suit all tastes and needs, and each will provide a relaxing environment and plenty to keep you entertained if you need it, too.

Here, we take a look at six of the most premium options on the market today to consider splashing out on or hiring for short-term use, all of which are guaranteed to tick all the right boxes and more.

The VW Transporter Sportline

Volkswagen has long been the go-to manufacturer when it comes to luxury vans, and rightly so. The VW Transporter Sportline is an excellent choice, and features a range of interior and exterior upgrade options, with highlights of the set-up including the opulent digital cockpit, heated front seats and rear-view camera. Optional sporty additions include a red grill strip, a new rear spoiler and dashing bumper, which are exclusive to the Sporline range. Luxurious Nappa leather and suede trim with honeycomb stitching makes for a stylish finish to the interior in the T6.1.

If you’re not ready to invest in your own but are in need of a luxury van in the short-term, then Swiss Vans are a great place to start – if you’re considering the VW Transporter Sportline, then find out more here.

The Transporter 6.1 Sportline
The Transporter 6.1 Sportline combines the very best that the Transporter 6.1 can offer, with reimagined athletic looks and a 204PS 2.0 BiTDI engine with seven-speed DSG

The Lexus LM

Based on the TLT Alfred minivan, this is only available on the Asian market, but offers plush and stylish travelling by the bucketload. With a 16-foot mesher, 161 horsepower and seven seats in total, it packs a punch in the power stakes – but it really comes into its own with its string of high-end extras, which include Vap-rapped leather seats, a 26-inch LCD entertainment monitor and a 19-speaker Mark Levinson audio system.

There’s a spacious champagne fridge to ensure that you’re always well-stocked for those precious moments of celebration – because who wants to wait until they get to where they’re going to pop that cork? Depending on which model you opt for, you can expect to pay around the £200,000 mark – but it will soon prove it was worth the investment.

The Hyundai Steria

Launched just last year, the sophisticated MPV has received a dramatic upgrade when compared with its predecessors, and takes an exciting new ‘inside out’ approach, comprising a spaceship-like exterior and large, panoramic windows, with space for up to 11 passengers. Of course, the devil is in the detail, and the cabin features an impressive 10.25-inch entertainment system with 64-colour ambient lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for every mood. The exterior of every model undergoes an exclusive brass chrome treatment, for the ultimate finishing touch.

Lexus LM330h Super-posh van displayed at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2020
Designed specifically for modern, always-on-the-go professionals, the Lexus LM offers a luxurious, tailored environment that allows individuals the opportunity to either relax in comfort or continue their business while on the move. Image credit: ezphoto/

The Klassen Sprinter Armoured Bulletproof VIP

This plush iteration of the Klassen Sprinter is one of the priciest on the market, currently available for around £470,000. Based on the original and highly popular Mercedes Sprinter, this robust vehicle comes complete with armour plating and bulletproof glass – because you never know when you might need it. While passengers can expect the utmost in comfort thanks to in-seat massagers and the high-class calibre of the interior, this particular van is truly made for the VIP elite, and promises the utmost in protection and security for politicians, high-net-worth individuals and anyone else in need of a little extra peace-of-mind when travelling.

The Senzati Mercedes Jet Class

Although not quite as pricey as the Klassen, the Senzati Mercedes Jet Class does have some similarities with it. Both are, of course, based on a Mercedes van, but this one takes inspiration from the more compact Vitro. This top-of-the-range offering comes with a range of luxurious touches, from a double-glazed panoramic roof, heated seats and an on-board fridge, to 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. Add to that the van’s floor track conversion, which significantly increases legroom, finished with insulated floor carpets and leather-edged rugs, and you have a high-end luxury van that will comfortably cater to up to six passengers. For £124,000, it’s an excellent pick.

The Becker Ford Transit Jet Van

Starting at an impressive £215,000 for the most basic model, the pricey Becker Ford Transit comprises opulent polished wood and plush leather interiors that exude luxury the moment you step inside. The perfect pick for those who need to keep up with work while on the go, it also comes with a range of opulent bells and whistles – and considering one van has already been fitted with a modified exercise bike, it seems nothing is off limits. So, whether you’re eager to rest and relax, exercise on the go or keep on top of the daily grind, this model has got you covered.