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Are these 7 of the very best luxury cars to test drive in 2022?

From Rolls Royce to Porsche, these models promise a breath-taking exterior, impeccable on-road performance and all of the extra bells and whistles you could want – not to mention the undeniable prestige.

By LLM Reporters  |  March 11, 2022
Rolls-Royce Ghost in Jubilee Silver parked on a street of the wealthy Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas, Texas on September 22, 2017.
Image Credit: Sherri Tilley/

Any seasoned car enthusiast will know that when it comes to splurging on your next luxury vehicle, there’s a lot to consider – and while it’s undoubtedly easy to get swept up in the aesthetics, performance and technology are both key factors you won’t want to overlook.

The moment you drive that new set of wheels off the forecourt and take your car for a spin down the motorway is an exciting one that can’t be matched by much else – but regretting your decision later can be a painful realisation when you consider the instant depreciation associated with buying new cars.

Thankfully, today’s luxury car market features several high-end vehicles that tick all of the right boxes and more – so you won’t need to compromise in any department. From Rolls Royce to Porsche, these models promise a breath-taking exterior, impeccable on-road performance and all of the extra bells and whistles you could want – not to mention the undeniable prestige. Consider adding to your collection in 2022 for instant credibility, and endless enjoyment, too.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

Luxury car Rolls-Royce Ghost exhibited in BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW 2021
Image credit: Itsanan/

The line of Rolls-Royce Ghost vehicles was first established in 2009, with this latest model designed around the ‘architecture of luxury’ – making it similar, in many ways, to the BMW series. Its flawless design ensures drivers can immerse themselves in a high-end experience behind the wheel whilst also enjoying day-to-day practicality. Although it’s a spacious car, it pays homage to a neo-classical symbol of opulence and wealth. Some describe this car as a fortress – and whether you’re behind the wheel or travelling in it as a passenger, you’ll always feel safe on the road.

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur fast moving on the street
Image credit: Primer55/

Bentley is a brand that is renowned for its opulence, and its impeccable attention to detail has long seen it hold its position as one of the most highly sought-after luxury names on the market. The premium manufacturer has a long history of development over the years, and the show-stopping Flying Spur is a culmination of years of expertise and knowing its customers inside out. It’s a small limousine-type car which comes with four-wheel drive and Bentley’s 6.0-litre W12 engine, which offers stunning performance – and is finished with finest wood and leather trim inside for extra luxury points.


BMW iX all-electric SUV car showcased at the IAA Mobility 2021 motor show in Munich, Germany
Image credit: VanderWolf Images/

Luxury cars can be expensive, so if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned fortune to land your dream set of wheels, then you may be considering entering cash competitions – but the electric BMW iX is a premium car that is undoubtedly worth splashing out on. More sustainable drives like this one will help you to reduce your environmental impact and give your conscience a much-needed rest – and the BMW iX is powered by cutting-edge eDrive technology to ensure an exceptional range and powerful acceleration, even from a standstill.


Image credit: VanderWolf Images/

Another great choice for lovers of the BMW brand is the flagship 7 series, which comes only in sedan and is a non-plug-in hybrid that is lightweight and safe, but offers plenty of power. A supple drive with a quiet and spacious interior and comfortable seats, it also boasts some pretty impressive tech features, from four-zone automatic air conditioning and a Harmon /Kardon surround sound audio system, to a state-of-the-art on-board navigation system and heated seats.

Range Rover

Black 2013 Range Rover Vogue car fast mooving on street in Dubai
Image credit: Grisha Bruev/

Not everyone wants to drive a model that is slim, and for some, an SUV-style car is just the ticket. The Range Rover is the cream of the crop, offering a smooth, relaxing driving experience by adjusting its height through its electronic air suspension system. Large yet nimble, the new luxury seven-seater is easy to manoeuvre on the road, and active noise cancellation, four-zone climate control and a cabin air purification system are all stand-out features.

Porsche Panamera

Car show Porsche panamera 4s at auto shows and other exhibitions selective focus car headlights car front wheels at Bangkok, Thailand
Image credit: piyaphunjun/

The stylish and eco-friendly Porsche Panamera needs no introduction, and is a prestigious drive that anyone would be proud to have sitting on their driveway. It enjoys plenty of modern features, from its heated cushion seatbacks and steel spring suspension to the 12.0-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay, 10-speaker audio and a number of other high-tech integrations ensuring it can’t help but stand apart from the competition.

Audi E-tron Quattro

Audi e-tron 55 quattro electric suv car showcased at the Paris Motor Show
Image credit: VanderWolf Images/

Another great option for an electric luxury car is the slick Audi E-tron Quattro. Created based on a zero-emissions model, it’s a green choice that still looks the part and offers a great drive, too, with three electric motors and advanced charging, adaptive air suspension, LED headlights, 360-degree cameras and keyless entry all features of note.