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BAC reveal Mono – The Marine Edition

Super-Yacht and Motoring made easy for £500,000.

Built on a foundation of passion for luxury and exclusivity BAC have created a Mono that is at home aboard any super-yachet,  Mono -The Marine Edition.

On at the scales at only 580kg, it’s lightweight stature is perfect to the super-yacht environment where lean mass, performance and design are of highest importance. The Marine Edition, which has been based on the mY16 Mono a 305bhp 2.5litre Mountune-powered single-seater car,  is custom-made and is completely customisable inside and out.

BAC have designed it with marine in mind incorporating a carbon-fibre crane arm designed to transport the Mono on top of of any super yacht to be used universally with any crane system. But it’s not just that, the chassis has been developed to include custom chassis lifting points  or super-yacht crane cradles and mounting to helipads ensuring maximum protection and stability throughout transportation.

BAC launch The Marine Edition Mono.
BAC co-founder Ian Briggs – “I started my career designing luxury yachts and I have wanted to combine my love of marine and automotive design ever since. The Marine Edition Mono represents purpose and style for a clientele that knows no compromise.”

To protect the Marine Edition from the salty air the components have been painted in a BAC developed anti-corrosive coating whilst BAC will deliver the car with Environmental Control Container System to stow the car on board with temperature and humidity controls. Every little marine protection method has been clearly analysed by the BAC team to create a truly Marine suitable model.

The Marine Edition is completely bespoke and built to order and now with the new dedicated factory in Liverpool, BAC can produce four cars per month costing £500,000 each.

Andrew Whitney, Director of Strategy & Corporate Development at BAC says, “Today’s super-yachts are paragons of exquisite taste, exceptional design, and the ultimate experience possible. It is only fitting that owners should be able to extend that experience beyond the vessel upon arrival.”

More information on the customisation and new The Marine Edition Mono can be found on .