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Bentley Motors : The Inspirator

Incorporating lifestyle and personality factors into finding the perfect model for the user.

Choosing the perfect car for you can often be a difficult task if there is not yet a model you haven’t particularly got your heart set on, so Bentley have come to the rescue with their latest innovation: The Inspirator. Interpreting users’ facial expressions and reaction it configures the perfect Bentley for the user.

Utilising the iOS device’s camera function the facial and emotion recognition software within the application measures and analyses the viewers emotion.  The accurate emotion metrics algorithms are built using the world’s largest emotion data repository – 3.4 million faces have been analysed in 75 countries amounting to more than 12 billion emotion data points.

The result ; an inspiration starting point in the personalisation process, which users can then develop further thanks to the myriad bespoke options offered by Bentley. A helpful guide supports the user and prompts the user to take into consideration the features and finishes that best suit their lifestyle and preferences.

 “Configuring a Bentley is an intensely personal experience; it is a reflection of your personality and taste. The Inspirator aims to understand the inspiration behind the process of specifying a car. It provides intelligently curated responses which can be personalised further to truly make the car your own.” – Kevin Rose, Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

 The Inspirator (teaser trailer can be seen below) is currently only available for the Bentayga, with the rest of the Bentley range due be included in the Inspirator in the coming months. The Inspirator is available to download now at or from the Apple App Store.