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Cruise the Greek Islands on filmmaker Roland Emmerich’s luxury yacht Maid Marian 2

A touch of Hollywood glamour elevates this private charter into something very special.

By LLM Reporters  |  July 26, 2022
maid Marian 2

Words by Judith Baker

Step on board luxury yacht Maid Marian 2 who celebrated her 90th birthday last year. Steeped in history and Hollywood glamour Maid Marian 2 is now available for private hire from her mooring in sunny Greece. The yacht with her quirky character, charm and old-world elegance has been completely renovated and brought to life for modern adventurers to enjoy.

Her enigmatic owner film maker Roland Emmerich who has his own personal flamboyant style says this about his love affair with Maid Marian 2: “When I first was introduced to Maid Marian 2, I instantly fell in love with her. Over the last 15 plus years, she has been the central focus of many memorable holidays for me personally, as well as for my friends and family.

maid marian relax on deck
Maid Marian 2 is available for private hire from her mooring in sunny Greece

“There is a magical feeling once you set foot on Maid Marian 2, which only intensifies once you set sail. The crew on board will make you feel relaxed and at home, providing top-level service for you and your guests.”

The beautiful yacht is a wooden 33m vessel which started life in 1931 when she was launched in the Hudson River, New York. Built by the New York Launch Engine company she was originally named Cleopatra until her then owner Ruth Nash Bliss changed her name in 1933. Since then Maid Marian 2 has experienced a rich and exciting life which included serving as a patrol boat during WWII and moving to Palm Beach, Florida.

In the 1990s Adrian Zachary, founder of Aman Resorts Thailand bought her and shipped her to Phuket and his fabulous Amanpuri Resort. One of the charter quests was film director and producer Roland Emmerich who fell in love with her class and style and bought her in 2007.

maid marian 2 cabin
Maid Marian 2 has five cabins, each with fabulous sea views

German film director, screenwriter, and producer Emmerich is widely known for his science fiction and disaster films and has been called a ‘master of disaster’ within the industry. Emmerich has enjoyed a long career with his big budget disaster movies including Independence Day, one of the highest grossing American movies ever and probably the most Iconic alien invasion films of all time. He followed this with Godzilla.

His flamboyant style and imaginative vision can also be seen in the décor of his houses around the world, including the one in Knightsbridge, London as well as in LA and Stuttgart.

It is no surprise that he has put his own mark on the refurbishment of Maid Marian 2, which has turned her into a classic yacht for today’s discerning guests looking for a luxurious voyage around the lovely Greek islands. The yacht is dotted with touches including original Art Deco pieces from Emmerich’s own collection and elegant works reminiscent of a glamorous bygone age. Panoramic sea views are enhanced by the striking modern artwork which sits alongside chic vintage furnishings.

maid marian dinghy
Guests can enjoy snorkelling, swimming or just soaking up the sun

Refurbished by British designer John Teal, Maid Marian 2 moved to Greece in 2015. Taking up to ten guests and retaining her unique design, she now boasts new contemporary furnishings and every conceivable luxury. An elegant vessel from a different era, her style remains timeless, and if the walls could talk they would no doubt tell of parties and passions, beautiful people and places, oceans explored and sunsets watched.

Visitors can relive the golden age of travel with a personalised voyage on the turquoise Aegean Sea taking them to islands such as Kythnos, Serifos, Paros, Antiparos and Mykonos stopping at pristine beaches and bay for swimming, sun-worshipping and picnicking.

On the upper deck of Maid Marian 2, you’ll find 100 metres of super yacht space on which to sunbathe or relax with a cocktail from the classic bar. The dining room, with its imposing table, is perfect for grand dinners or guests can eat al fresco with the breeze with artfully prepared Mediterranean cuisine perfectly matched to cruising around the Greek islands.

maid marian food
Artfully prepared Mediterranean cuisine is perfectly matched to cruising around the Greek Islands

Get the feel of family-run tavernas-style fare with simple skewered chicken souvlaki, smoked aubergine and cooling tzatziki. Or aim for gastronomic high-end opulence. Sample dishes include shrimp ceviche with mango, lime and cilantro; braised pork belly with mashed yams and grilled kale; and colourful platters of baby greens with strawberry dressing, smoked salmon and chèvre. 

The concierge service means anything can be arranged to suit every whim. Six crew are at your service with a chef, housekeeper and steward on hand. The active can make use of snorkelling Seabobs; stand up boards and a 5m tender for a refreshing ocean adventure before relaxing with sundowners and dinner.

There is ample social space here for sophisticated soirées at sea, and the latest sound system means lively parties can rock the boat too. There are five cabins including a master suite, two double bedrooms and two twins. Each has fabulous sea views, comfortable beds, finest linens and luxurious toiletries.

Emmerich added: ‘With the stunning backdrop of Greece and the azure blue Aegean, I am sure that you, your friends and family will enjoy making memories aboard this unique and luxurious classic yacht.”


A seven-night stay on Maid Marian 2 is approximately £60,000 based on ten people sharing on full board. The normal embarking and disembarking point is Athens.