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Exploring Europe by road: 7 of the best countries to enjoy the road trip of a lifetime

We take a look at seven countries that will inspire with their ability to provide a great all-round experience out on the road.

By LLM Reporters  |  June 22, 2022
RV Camper Scenic Road Trip

With the news currently filled with tales of cancelled or delayed flights and holidays that can no longer happen, after the struggle of the past two years, its surely akin to rubbing salt in a wound. There has to be an alternative to the great disappointment of a cancelled or postponed holiday and here we are going to take a look at one of the best ways you can still enjoy all that a foreign holiday has to offer while retaining a sense of freedom and control within your holiday – the road trip. 

Of course, with a road trip, you have so much independence, especially if you decide to travel via campervan as you can park up and head out again as and when you wish. And if you fancy travelling between countries, this is a great way to do so, and you can also combine your holiday with a train journey or boat trip to really get the best of all worlds. Whether you decide to seek out second-hand campers in Europe and split up your journeys with different modes of transport or take your car and check into a range of luxurious accommodations throughout, there a multitude of ways in which you can have the holiday of your dreams. 

Here, we take a look at seven countries that will inspire with their ability to provide a great all-round experience out on the road.

Amalfi Coast, Italy. Driving in this paradise.
The beautiful Amalfi Coast has been a magnet for visitors since Roman times


From exploring the delights of the foodie north to spending lazy days on the beautiful beaches of the south, it’s safe to say that Spain is a great choice for a road trip this summer. Take your vehicle on the ferry from the southwest of England to Santander and start your Spanish trip with a tour of the north, taking in the gastronomic heaven of the Basque country. Head over to the city that has it all – Barcelona – before journeying south to Valencia and following the road down along the coast to take in some of the country’s best beach-side hot spots.


Whether you decide to explore the north of this stunning country, taking in the cultural highlights of cities like Venice, Milan and Genoa, or you prefer the laid-back vibe of the Amalfi Coast or even the coastal hot spots of Sicily, Italy has something to offer every road-tripper. Eat and drive your way around the terrain and take in the best of what this resplendent place has to offer.

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Monaco has some stunning scenery and amazing roads. Image credit: marcorubino/


Great food, great wines and beautiful countryside to explore, France is a top choice for a road trip as it affords you the ability to enjoy a range of experiences, from the grand dame that is Paris to the beaches of the south and the delights of the northwest. It’s easy to reach from the UK by ferry so taking your own car will be smooth sailing.


From Porto to Lisbon to Faro, the country of Portugal has a lot to offer, and if you add in the wines, golf, food, historical highlights and welcoming locals, then you’ll be in for a treat if you choose this place for your travels. Stick to the well-known parts if it’s your first time or enjoy the freedom of exploring the unknown delights that are waiting to be discovered.   


A history so varied and fascinating that you’ll barely scratch the surface on your first trip; the very best of what nature can offer with beaches, islands and forests that impress; cuisine that will tantalise your palate, Croatia is a country that offers road trippers a wealth of opportunity for amazing moments each step of your journey.

Old traditional village of Drenov Bok with typical wooden houses, Lonjsko polje, Croatia, aerial view
Croatia is a country that offers road trippers a wealth of opportunity for amazing moments each step of your journey


There’s far more to discover in this country than the big city of Amsterdam, though here’s where you’ll find some fantastic museums, historical points of interest and architecture that you’ll need to experience at least once in your lifetime. Take in the tulip fields, coastal towns and villages like Hoorn and spot the windmills as you journey across the flat landscape which makes it a good place for driving. 


Castles, vineyards, Rhine-side towns that take you back to another time, outside of the big cities, Germany is a place that should be on everyone’s list to explore by road. From the beaches of the North Sea to the bustling cities and the thousands of years of history, there’s so much to discover in this expansive country, so get planning now!.