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GetMyBoat, the boat rental app, will change the face of the travel industry post Covid-19

By James Wong  |  June 20, 2020

There was a time when Airbnb and Uber were peculiar new ideas and yet, today, they are a staple in the travel sphere. GetMyBoat is set to join them, as more and more users jump on board the latest trend.

The company has already soared into an impressive position; as the largest boat rental and water experience marketplace in the world. The platform currently has over 130,000 boat rentals and water experiences in 184 countries and 9,300 destinations, plus over 175,000 app downloads and counting.

When the pandemic tails off, experts believe that the platform will soar further. “We’ve seen a big spike in boat rental demand, and these numbers are projected to increase with an even steeper curve over the next few months. Post Covid-19, boat rentals provide an activity where you can still enjoy the outdoors and time with friends and family whilst also avoiding crowds. Plus, with so many beaches closed or partially closed this summer, it provides an opportunity for sun seekers to tan without the sand,” said Val Streif, marketing manager for GetMyBoat.

Nothing says vacation more than this. Image courtesy of GetMyBoat

Launched in San Francisco in January 2013, GetMyBoat empowers owners of every type of boat, from kayaks to sailboats to motorboats, to post their watercraft for rent or charter for free. Anywhere in the world, from LA to London to Istanbul, users can search, find, and book any water experience.

GetMyBoat bridges the gap between renters and owners. Boating enthusiasts get the benefits of a worldwide inventory without the cost or headache of ownership. And, as the average boat is only used just 8 per cent of the year, boat owners get the chance to make owning a boat more affordable by earning some income from their under-utilised asset.

The US-based company seeks to make the service even more seamless – making turnaround times as quick as 30 minutes, from inquiry to being out on the water in some cases. It has also partnered with Boat Charter Insurance and Atlantic Underwriters to offer competitive insurance rates for people who rent their boats out through them, and aims to continue growing locations and the range of boat rentals and types of water experiences available.

This is the luxury way to see the shores and skylines. Image courtesy of GetMyBoat

LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine have previously used GetMyBoat a few times, and we can confirm that it’s super easy to use and has something to meet every traveller’s desires. Personally, we took the Catamaran Charter in New Jersey, which was perfect for a one hour sight-see of the New York skyline and attractions.

However, if you’re looking for something bigger for longer nautical action, we recommend this super luxury yacht in the Red Sea, Egypt which accommodates up to 26 guests. It has a five-star chef and crew, restaurant, bar, water-pipe lounge, sauna, Jacuzzi and open-air cinema. Meanwhile, the Mega Yacht in Miami has a large salon, media forward room, three spectacular cabins, including VIP and master bedroom, huge aft deck and sun-beds on a giant foredeck.

How it works in five steps

1. Open the app, and search for water experiences depending on geographic location.

2. Ask questions or send an inquiry directly to the boat owner.

3. The owner will respond with availability and custom pricing.

4. Book and pay for your trip online.

5. Go and meet your host, and you’re away at sea!

This is one of the boats which we took for a spin around the city. Image courtesy of GetMyBoat

Five top tips

1. Remember to check what your rental comes with. Many already have water sport equipment and inflatables, but if not you may want to bring your own.

2. Bring sunscreen. One coating isn’t enough, you may be in and out of water, and in most cases will need a top up. Also, the wind on the water is deceptive and can bring harmful UV rays, even when chilly and cloudy.

3. If your rental isn’t catered, bring a picnic. We brought some crisp summer Maison No. 9. Who doesn’t enjoy rosé in a bathing suit?

4. Get there early. There may be safety briefings and other checks, so you want to get this out of the way in order to enjoy the full allotted time at sea.

5. Consider the weather of the location you’re heading to. In humid locations, make sure the vessel has AC, and for rainy locations, ensure it has plenty of indoor space.