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Indulge in the heritage of Motoring this Christmas

Provide hours of entertainment for the motoring fanatics you love this Christmas by incorporating the rich heritage of Motoring into your gift choices. Bursting at the seams with untold stories that set the foundations for an ever-developing industry, the latest publications by Veloce Motoring and Evro publishing help to educate in the stories that shaped the past and future of motoring.

“Stirling Moss : My Racing Life” by Sir Stirling Moss with Simon Taylor and a foreword by Lewis Hamilton is a particularly intriguing read. Current and now Triple World Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton introduces the incredible journey of one of the all-time British Motoring greats, Sir Stirling Moss, in a publication that delves into his journey and will be a ‘I-can’t-put-it-down’ read. “Stirling Moss : My Racing Life” is available from Evro Publishing at £50.00.

Additionally for the Sir Stirling Moss fan, the newly reprinted Porter Press Stirling Moss Scrapbook is an alternative take on the individual years in his career and with newspaper clippings, photographs and the story to choose from it’s a great way to share a part of British Motoring’s heritage this festive season. Stirling Moss Scrapbook can be bought from at £54.95.

Sir Stirling Moss, the 1955 scrapbook is a great stocking filler.
The Stirling Moss Scrapbook is the perfect gift for reminiscing or educating a petrol head on the history of motorsport.

Also available from Porter Press but moving away from Formula One, the ‘Great Cars’ series currently featuring the heritage of six history defining cars including the Porsche 917 and the Ferrari 250 GT, will set the hearts racing of the motoring fan in your life who just can’t get enough of motoring history. At £60.00 it’s a collection to begin or continue for the motor mad fan on your Christmas list.

Our final pick had to focus on one of the most iconic and luxurious motoring brands of all time, Ferrari. The name resonates with motoring enthusiasts across the world but away from the fastest or most powerful Ferrari comes the story of Dino, The V6, which inspired generations of enthusiasts.  From it’s beginning as the Pininfarina concept car to the final production model the book written by Brian Long will be a welcome addition to the stocking this Christmas for any motoring enthusiast. Priced at £40 (ISBN 978-1-904788-39) it is available directly from Veloce Publishing –