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Mercedes-Benz to Give A Class AMG Upgrade

Classic family favourite given sporty revolution

After years of speculation, Mercedes-Benz has confirmed a top-performance AMG model of its A Class is on the horizon, bringing to an end one of the most enduring rumours in the automotive world.

The new hot hatch will be the A45 AMG, and will be available in Europe next year, with other territories coming online later, and possibly never in North America.

The A Class - to be given AMG makeover

The A Class has been due a revamp, after years of being seen as the marque’s most mundane runner, and the AMG makeover should breathe new life back into the old family favourite.

The A45 AMG will be fitted with the most powerful two litre, four cylinder engine in Mercedes-Benz’ mass-production history, giving the new model over 300 more horsepower than its lesser model.

It comes with a seven speed gearbox, with rear biased torque distribution, a new strut suspension, and is likely to do 0-60 mph in under 5.0 seconds.

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