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Range Rover’s Evoque heads underground

Range Rover Evoque

Forty metres beneath the bustling London streets Land Rover have revealed that the Range Rover Evoque is to go undergo a makeover with the Range Rover Evoque Convertible on it’s way to the market for sale in 2016.

The model will be the worlds’ first premium compact SUV convertible and Land Rover headed beneath the streets of the busy bustle of London to test it out. Land Rover was granted permission to test earlier this year in the brand new network of Crossrail tunnels in London to give the Land Rover engineers complete privacy, making the Evoque the only car to drive the tunnels.

From the limited footage available (see below) so far the model easily handles all obstacles in its’ way with vehicle handling top of the list for providing a comfortable journey in all terrains.

Featuring the trademark Evoque exterior beauty that we’ve all come to expect from Land Rover the industry waits for baited breath to see the evolution with further details due to be released later this year.

Prices and further model details will be released late 2015.