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Tesla Motors launch Model X

Tesla Motors unveil SUV - the Model X.

Tesla Motors have recently unveiled the Model X which is set to not only be a breakthrough for many sections of the SUV market, but also to be one of the safest cars on the road.

The Model X has passed Tesla crash tests indicating that it will receive a 5 star safety rating in all categories, the first SUV to ever do so. With no requirement for a big petrol engine the large ‘crumple zone’ will absorb the energy of a high-speed impact enhanced by the floor location of the battery, facilitating an extremely low centre of gravity reducing the rollover whilst providing ideal weight distribution for exhilarating performance and superior handling. Further more aluminium pillars reinforced with steel rails protect all passengers and the battery whilst improving rigidity of the roof.

At speed it continues to protect with automatic emergency braking and side collision avoidance to prevent accidents in the first instance with Tesla making the only standard AEB system that works at high speed. Active safety measures have also been applied with a forward-looking camera, radar, and 360 degree sonar sensors to enable advanced autopilot features. Tesla’s over-the-air software updates regularly improve the capability of these features and also of convenience features including Autosteer and Autopark, moving the model ever closer toeing autonomous.

Tesla have continued to go the extra mile with technology and customer satisfaction by adding a front fascia that works with a functional duct, pushing air through the first true HEPA filter system available in an automobile, allowing medical-grade air to fill the cabin, no matter what is going on outside.

The Model X Falcon wing doors require only 30cm of space to open (monitored by capacitive, inductive, and sonar sensors to avoid contact) and facilitate everyday use providing seamless ingress and egress into the second and third row; so say goodbye to the complications of moving children in and out of a vehicle. And it’s get better – Tesla have installed the industry’s first auto presenting door, removing the need to touch the door to open and close the door. With Monopost seats enabled to move independently passengers can slide, tilt forward and back complication free – now that is impressive.

Model X Tesla screams practical luxury for the SUV market.
The Model X SUV embraces practicality, innovative technology and style to create the SUV everyone is talking about.

Creating the ambience the windshield stretches over the front seats with second row passengers still receiving a first row vantage point whilst the solar tint transition assists with stress free travelling. Audio has been clearly thought of with 17 specifically placed speakers providing a ‘concert hall’ environment.  A 17″ centre touchscreen integrates media, navigation, communications, cabin control and vehicle data all into one interface again removing complications, with many functions mirrored on the instrument panel and voice activation to prevent distraction for the driver’s attention.

A key factor of an SUV is providing space for not only passengers and cargo which the Model X most certainly meets with ample room for passengers and luggage, even as far as becoming the first electric vehicle with a 5,000 lb. tow capacity.

So that’s how it looks and how it measures up as an SUV but how does it driver? With a 0-60 times 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 155mph the electric vehicle is set to please.  The Model X produces 0 emissions and at 0.24 has the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV in history.  It’s active spoiler that comes standard automatically adjusts to three positions providing maximum visibility and efficiency. At under 45mph the spoiler is positioned so that the driver can see above and below it, whilst above those speeds it retracted for improved highway efficiency and optimizes the vehicle’s lift distribution. Continuing to set a precedent the Model X is the only car with an active spoiler equipped with a center-high-mounted stop lamp (CHMSL).

Furthermore dual motors digitally and independently control torque to both the front and rear wheels to promising unparalleled control of traction while increasing performance and efficiency. To complete what can only be described as a ground-breaking break through for the SUV market it comes with a 90 kWh battery providing a driving range of 250miles on a single charge so those longer journeys become increasingly available.

Tesla Motors are yet to reveal the confirmed deliveries of the Model X but we should look to expect first deliveries to 2016, tingling the tastebuds of electric vehicle owners and admirers for just a while longer.