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Tesla open new factory in Tilburg

Electric vehicle's popularity are set to increase as Tesla expand further into Europe.

As electric vehicles continue to expand in popularity premium electric designers and manufacturers Tesla have announced the opening of another new factory – this time in Tilburg, Netherlands. Aiming to streamline the production process of European deliveries of their Model S, Tesla are set to increase further their popularity with motoring fans alike.

The Tesla Model S production begins with parts expertly manufactured in Tesla’s US factory in Fremont, California, then in Tilbury the assembly includes installation of the battery pack, powertrain and rear axle, and the cars first firmware upload. To complete the model, it undergoes robust quality control to result in one of the highest quality electric vehicles in the market to date.

Tesla have gone one step further with their latest factory, by building their own indoor production 750m long test track consisting of 400m of asphalt and 6000 dots simulating bumps in the road,  making it the first car factory in Europe. The test track puts the Model S through it’s paces to ensure all of the quality points are met and maintained within Tesla’s standards.

Tesla open Tilberg factory with Europe's first own production test track.
Tesla has opened its new factory dedicated to supply European customers with Model S. The factory, located in Tilburg, streamlines the production process for European deliveries bringing more customers their Model S, faster.

Keeping ‘on-brand’ Tilburg factory is designed for maximum efficiency and is BREEAM-NL Outstanding certified, including state-of-the-art energy efficient production lines which transport 90 Model S from start to completion in a day resulting in 450 models per week, doubling their current capacity.

The Tilburg factory now joins 68 other Tesla stores and service centres across 12 countries in Europe making the brand more accessible as it’s popularity increases. Further information on the Model S can be found online here.