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Test drive: LLM motoring editor Lisa Curtiss reviews the Polestar 2 Super Scandi Eco-Star

By Lisa Curtiss  |  July 27, 2021
Polestar 2 Super Scandi Eco-Star

There’s an exciting new player in the electric car pack and it’s perfectly poised to take on the might of Tesla thanks to its super-stylish, effortlessly cool and eco-conscious cars. Polestar’s blazing an innovative, earth-kind trail with highly acclaimed models 1 and 2 and is winning over even the most electric-wary through its efforts to not only create cars which visually delight and drive a dream, but are practical too.

Scandinavian design at its best, viewed kerbside, the Polestar 2 is a simply stunning fastback-style car. Bold yet understated, futuristic without being flashy, lean yet muscular, curvaceous yet honed – all these seemingly impossible contradictions work and the result is a model which is as eye pleasing as they get.

Features like frameless mirrors and avant-garde lights give it an other-worldly air but it’s never a case of show without sense. The Polestar 2’s door handles are aesthetically pleasing but also enable you to unlock the car just with a light touch – and thanks to integrated ground lighting, you can see them easily in the dark. The boot can be opened just by running your foot below.

Polestar 2 Super Scandi Eco-Star

Inside, the aesthetic appeal continues and it’s here you can experience the brand’s efforts to be eco-kind. Our model on test, in bright snow metallic, featured a vegan charcoal weave tech with black ash deco, set off beautifully with contrasting bold yellow seatbelts to really give a racing air. They may be small details, but the Polestar 2’s interior lights make a big difference. White mood lights give a clean, fresh vibe, and make it easy to find things in the dark and the hexagonal gear selector with an illuminated Polestar symbol in the base is a beautifully crafted and a unique visual focal point.

Although the Polestar 2’s interior has been carefully designed using innovative materials, its uncluttered appearance still comes fully loaded with a raft of state-of-the-art features even as standard. The generous list actually runs two columns of an A4 page! Highlights include an always-updated infotainment system powered by Android Automotive OS, 360° surround-view camera, heated front and rear seats and steering wheel, plus a panoramic roof. As with cousin Volvo models, Polestar boasts industry-leading safety tech too, including the likes of cross traffic alert and a host of advanced collision warning and avoidance systems.

Polestar 2 Super Scandi Eco-Star

There are also great option packs and features to choose from. Our model on test came with an excellent Harman Kardon Premium sound system available as part of the plus pack, and the performance pack adds high-capacity Brembo brakes, adjustable Öhlins Dual-Flow Valve dampers, 20-inch forged alloy wheels and more.

It’s not all about looks and tech though, the Polestar 2 really is a contender for the best electric car in production. With up to 408hp, a sub-five second 0-60 sprint, instant torque delivery and super-responsive feel, it’s an engaging delight to drive. Overtaking is child’s play and it’s the type of car you will make excuses to keep heading out to play in. Equally at home on motorways or country B roads, the steering is precise and well-weighted, there’s ample grip and the electric delivered instant thrust at the slightest touch of the toe – a thrilling delight. If your preference is for the more sedate then you might like to know the Polestar 2 can actually tow even a six-berth caravan with ease.

Polestar 2 Super Scandi Eco-Star

Many people have some concern over the lack of range electric cars have, and over the ease of charging. You’ve up to 335 miles on a single charge with this model, which isn’t bad at all, and Polestar does all it can to make charging as easy and as accessible as possible, plus the number of public charging stations is growing all the time – even in more rural places.

If you desire a premium electric car with gorgeous looks, great performance, decent range and plenty of features as standard, the Polestar 2 is a cracking choice.