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Top 5 high-end car subwoofers

Decent subwoofers are essential to get the best out of low-frequency sounds and bass, and decent can be defined best as a speaker which transforms music played in your car so you really experience every beat, especially when playing rock, dance, electronic and hip-hop.

If you want the very best then go for the top end brands and models – and if you need some guidance take a look at this handy guide we have put together on our pick of the best five high-end car subwoofers.

1. JL Audio 12W7AE-3

JL Audio 12W7AE-3
JL Audio is well known as being the leading brand in this field, with their products being expertly designed to deliver a first class experience. So what makes it so special? To start with it produces amazing sound without any of the distortion cheaper brands do, it is available in various sizes, from 5 inches to 12, boasts 400 – 1000 watts RMS, a top power of 2000 watts, 86.2 dB sensitivity, and 18 – 200 Hz frequency response. It also has a number of patented features such as a special frame cooling aspect. As you’d expect there is a hefty price tag attached to these subwoofers but you really do get what you pay for.

2. Hertz HI Energy Series Subwoofer

Hertz HI Energy Series Subwoofer

This is a good all-round top-performing subwoofer with great low-frequency output and enough flexibility to play with the total number of subwoofers you add thanks to the dual coil models this model sports. The tech side is way ahead of most subwoofers with a rigid V-cone and low resonance basket.

3. MTX 1200 Watt Car Subwoofer

1200 watts of heavenly bass from an amazing and very powerful 12-inch subwoofer. It ’s well made so will last as long as you need it to, and is said to do best when connected to an amp of between 200 – 400 RMS (2 ohms). You can enjoy pure bass sound with this model, with the depth you need without distortion or boom.

4. JL Audio W6V3 Series Subwoofer

Another JL audio model, these W6v3 subwoofers represent the best aspects of earlier models in this series. They are made to last from durable material but still light enough to deliver the best sound; the polypropylene cone has a cast-alloy basket so distortion won’t be a bother.

5. Rockford Fosgate P300 Car Subwoofer [12 inch]


Looking for bass with depth? This design, featuring a closed-loop design which ensures the enclosure, woofer and amp all work together for a great effect, will deliver. The P300 allows users to control the bass settings remotely, so you can tweak things to suit yourself very easily. This is all delivered in a sealed enclosure with a 300-watt amplifier – leading to a rich sound which never fails to please.

While there’s no one car subwoofer perfect for everybody you are bound to find one you love from this selection of the top high-end models around. But if you want to have a look at some of the more mid end models then check this comparison review between kicker hideaway vs kenwood subwoofers on Dig My Ride.