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Volvo introduce IntelliSafe Auto Pilot

Volvo embrace autonomous driving with the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system.

Autonomous driving is fast becoming one of the most discussed topics in the motoring industry and Volvo Cars have revealed one of the most advanced and easy-to-use interfaces designed to ease transition for the driver to transfer control to autonomous driving (AD) mode.

The introduction of AD technology enhances the strength and significance of a relationship between driver and vehicle to provide a safe and seamless handover of control – providing ultimate levels of trust between driver, vehicle and manufacturer.

IntelliSafe Auto Pilot it designed to b simple and intuitive – why complicate matters when it doesn’t need it!? They have introduced specially-designed paddles on the steering wheel to activate and deactivate AD mode. When on a route where AD is available the car provides a message to say Auto Pilot is ready simultaneously the lights on the steering-wheel paddles begin to flash. Pulling both paddles the driver pulls both paddles to activate AD, the light changes to constant green and Auto Pilot confirms that the driving has been delegated to the vehicle.

Autonomous driving gets a big tick in Volvos thanks to the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot System.
Volvo will look to add the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot interface to the XC90 at Gothenburg 2017.

When this is no longer available the driver is prompted to take over with a sixty-second countdown is displayed – if the driver doesn’t regain control within this time the car will bring itself to a safe stop.

IntelliSafe Auto Pilot will be first available in 2017 on the 100 XC90’s Volvo are making available for the Drive Me project in Gothenburg, the world’s most ambitious AD project.  Drive Me will make these 100 vehicles available to families and commuters around Gothenburg for use in everyday driving conditions with approximately 50km of selected roads to be driven autonomously. Follow on from this the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot will then be introduced to the general public.