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Don’t look for the cheapest: How to get the very best broadband package deal for your needs

For those that enjoy the finer things in life it’s more or less impossible to survive without broadband. Whether it’s a cosy evening in with your favourite Netflix series, a streak of disciplined work to get ahead of tomorrow’s emails, or the joy of listening to the latest episode of your favourite podcast, you can guarantee that a strong, steady and fairly priced broadband package is going to make the world of difference.

But here’s the thing; many of us shun the monotonous task of broadband comparison, misunderstanding its warzone as a race to the cheapest service. The reality is that we should be using this opportunity to search for a package that best suits our personality, and the tasks that we regularly undertake.

Take, for example, the high-end business owners of the world. What should they actually be searching for from their broadband deals? A cheap package that doesn’t break the bank, but regularly times out on money making Skype calls? Instead, how about a reliable service that has industry-leading download speeds with the delights of a complimentary – and very stylish – mobile Wi-Fi hotspot? I know which one I’d choose…

Whatever your broadband needs dictate, the LLM Tech Team have put their heads together to come up with a few helpful tips to help you reach broadband enlightenment.

Broadband speeds can range from tortoise-like crawls to that of a genetically enhanced hare, with brand new running trainers

Don’t skimp on customer service

Every once in a while even the most reliable broadband services will fail us. Usually at the most inconvenient times too: Remember that record-breaking high score you set on your favourite video game before the broadband keeled over? It still hurts to think about it and your friends don’t believe you – I know your pain.

And when the classic “turn it off and on again” routine comes to no avail, you’re going to be thankful for the time you spent comparing customer service reviews.

Thankfully broadband providers are improving their offering in this area at an alarming rate, and reports show that Sky Broadband and Virgin Media tend to be the market leaders. In comparison, BT and Plusnet might still have some work to do. Ultimately, great customer service makes a massive difference to the value you place on yourself. It’ll also keep your blood pressure down.

Package deals versus standalone broadband

If you’re a fan of enthralling television as well as speedy broadband, you might want to consider consolidating your package. Bundling your broadband costs in with the likes of Sky, Virgin, or BT can provide you with premium viewing options, as well as a future nest egg.

If you’re part of a talkative household, keep your eyes peeled for broadband with a phone line deals that include evening, weekend or even unlimited calls too. Hell, why not go the whole way and bundle your mobile phone in as well? The world’s your oyster!

Every once in a while even the most reliable broadband services will fail us

Get the speed you need

Broadband speeds can range from tortoise-like crawls to that of a genetically enhanced hare, with brand new running trainers.

As a result it’s always worth taking the time to thoroughly investigate the speeds available to you in your area across a plethora of providers. Obviously this will vary depending on your whereabouts; so don’t expect to be downloading 4K footage at lightning speeds if you live amid the moors, with nobody but sheep for neighbours.

A fibre optic package that consistently runs at 24Mb and above is perfectly adequate for larger families, or anyone who enjoys streaming copious amounts of Netflix. These kinds of speeds will also handle online gaming and large file downloads with ease, meaning there’s no excuse for a lack of preparation before your next big meeting.

If you’re unsure what you might need, simply ask the question of your provider. If they’re unable – or unwilling – to help you out, then refer back to our earlier comment regarding customer service…

Always use a comparison tool

When your existing contract is up and you’re looking for a better deal, always make sure to use a comparison tool. These kinds of task can be a strain at the best of times, so don’t make your life more difficult than it needs to be.