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HARMAN put their spin on ‘selective hearing’ at CES

Audio technology continues to develop with HARMAN.

Fed up of trying to get someones attention and then discovering they can’t hear you through their headphones? HARMAN have created the answer with their headphones with Active listening that  can identify specific sounds in your environment to put you in control of what you do and don’t want to hear.

A smartphone app allows the user to upload at least ten triggers or five user names to the headphones. The Active Listening technology then listens for you and automatically turns down the music volume when an audio trigger is recognised – therefore hearing what you would like to hear and tuning out the pieces you don’t necessarily want to draw your attention to. Defining therefore ‘ selective hearing’ in a way to benefit the users’ experience. Headphones featuring the technology will also feature active noise cancellation technology to minimise undesirable and disruptive sounds to the listening experience the rest of the time.

HARMAN have debuted the technology at CES, however the technology is expected to be 1-2 years away from launch in a product – we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves as the technology develops.