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Raise pulses this Christmas by giving the gift of fitness

Make your Christmas an active one this year.

Get hearts racing this Christmas with our top picks of some of the best fitness gadgets on the market with something to suit everyone.

Epson PS-500 available at £109 from Epson.

Taking fitness monitoring that one step further are Epson with the PulsenseTM range, that use an optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer to accurately monitor heart rate, activity levels, calorie burn and sleep patterns, 24 hours a day. Utilising a Bluetooth Smart connection and algorithms hosted in Epson’s free smartphone app users can take into account all of their lifestyle choices and adjust them accordingly to their goal providing specific summary reports to help keep motivation and focus.

Epson unveil the PS-500 - fitness technology taken to an exciting dimension.
Lightweight, easy to use and a clear display make the PS-500 an ideal gift this Christmas.

Mio Alpha 2 available at £149.90 from Mio Global

A fitness watch combined with an EKG-accurate heart rate monitor that doesn’t require a chest strap comes courtesy of the Mio Alpha 2. Monitoring heart rate, distance, calories and pace in a funky, fresh looking wrist watch the Mio Alpha 2 will be a definite hit with all fitness fanatics.

Mio Alpha
With a pop of colour, this Mio Global not only does the fitness calculations for you but also satisfies the eye.

Zing available at £54.99 from Mvbii. 

Aimed at the sociable fitness user, the Zing multi usage watch not only enables the user to cover fitness activities but it also adapts for games and friendship group interaction. It can be worn as a watch, pendant or in the users pocket and with a range of built-in sensors it can offer the user an insight into daily life. With a lower price point than most fitness watches it’s a great stocking filler to add in this year.

Stay social whilst keeping track of fitness levels with the Zing watch.

The Gocycle G2, costs £2,799 and can be bought from several online stockists

Inspired with an automotive design, the Gocycle G2 is a lightweight electric bicycle from London based company KKL that will please any fitness enthusiast. Proven a hit with pleasure boat and super yacht owners thank to it’s compact sizes. After recently receiving an array of awards including the 2015 Red Dot award for product design, it is an absolute must for Santa to deliver this year.


Make your Christmas an active one this year.
Santa brings the gift of exercise to the homes of exercise enthusiasts.

Oxygen E-Mate MTB 13AH costs £1,499,99 from E-Bikes Direct

After winning the Electric Bike World Championship last year, the Oxygen E-Mat 13AH features a higher torque 8FUN CST motor, upgraded 13Ah battery powered by Samsun SDI cells and hydraulic Tektro Auriga brakes. Delivering a 50-mile range and with high competitive hill climbing capabilities it’s a great gift for an enthusiastic cyclist.


Electric bikes signal the way forward for a fitness enthusiast.
Fuel their cycling enthusiasm this winter with the Oxygen Emate MTB 13AH.

Whether they already have a passion for fitness or if they want to embrace a new exercise regime in the new year, these gadgets will most certainly be a pulse raiser in more ways than one!