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Review : Intempo Jukebox – An essence of 1950’s Style with a modern twist

Intempo bring 1950's style and add a modern twist to the Jukebox.

Intempo have introduced 1950’s style to a classic item with a modern twist to create the Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox, providing clear audio and an eye catching talking point for your festive house parties.

Taking less than 10 minutes from unpacking to setting the atmosphere, it is definitely a sound system that will alleviate the post-unwrapping of presents stress and within minutes get you in the mood to celebrate.

Embodied within a dark wood casing, the classic 1950’s style adds style and fun to any room whilst the pocket located on the back is great for storing an audio device rather than to have leads dangling around the edge or a ‘floating’ device. Personally a wooden holder would embrace the style of the Jukebox more subtly but at the rear of the device it is easily hidden.

Intempo Jukebox brings the party with LED lights and multiple audio inputs.
Bringing 1950’s party vibes to your festive party, the Intempo Jukebox is a must.

Functionality couldn’t be any simpler, with clear detailed functions available on both the side wall of the unit and on the remote enabling you to control the audio from distance and up close. Audio input comes courtesy of a wireless Bluetooth connection, which took a matter of seconds to sync initially and seamless thereafter, or via an AUX cable allowing any audio device to used as an input. Additionally FM Radio can be tuned in to provide the classic vibe and suitability for everyday use.

An optional feature that will appeal in particular to the party season is the multi-coloured lights function, which create a classic disco theme with alternating frequency and coloured lights that certainly create a talking point for your guests.

Priced at £149.99, available via Intempo directly, it is a great party extra to set the scene this festive season.