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Review : Orbitsound A70 airSOUND Bar – Transforming Home Audio

AirSOUND™technology makes for the perfect Christmas present.

Orbitsound unveiled the A70 airSOUND™ Bar in August 2015 promising a transformation of  TV and home-cinema audio through a stylish yet discrete unit, making for a great gift this Christmas.

From start to finish the set up took a total of 10 minutes, with simplistic and easy to follow instructions guiding your way through each stage. Once complete, the apt-X lossless Bluetooth streaming and the SMART wireless subwoofer sync effortlessly allowing input from an AUX cable, straight from your TV or via a Bluetooth device.

Aesthetically the A70 airSOUND™ Bar blends in as if you’d never been without it, with ultra-slim dimensions and a stunning hand polished, high gloss piano black exterior. Featuring the Orbitsound’s signature grilles on three sides and a touch control panel, which takes one touch to illuminate, it’s minimalistic design just works. The control panel is simple to navigate, with the only complication when two functions need to be simultaneously pressed it can be an awkward angle to maintain equal pressure to result in the action required, however this is dependent on the placing of the sound bar. In addition, the option to wall mount the speaker adds a level of modern practicality and removes this complication.

A70 airSOUND™ Bar and SubWoofer technology is all you need to set the scene this Christmas.
With the ability to adapt to the audio type from live sport to movies the A70 airSOUND™ Bar and Subwoofer creates a fully immersive viewing experience.

An intelligent function is the ability to ‘learn’ a remote, removing the requirement to use the airSOUND remote and enabling the user to use their standard TV system, which takes only seconds to set up and enhances the ease of using the system.

The addition of the compact Subwoofer produces an all round immersive audio experience. It can be used in a variety of positions to fit user preference and utilises the latest Bluetooth technology to greater range, higher speed (lower latency) and zero interference with Bluetooth performance. 

Once in use the airSOUND™ technology used in the Subwoofer and the A70 airSOUND™ Bar adapts to each audio type from live sport to music streaming to action movies it truly enhances the overall experience. Embracing it’s 300W output, the system ensures ample power to deliver an incredible, room-filling, audio experience, allowing the user to hear true cinema quality sound.

The A70 airSOUND™ Bar is suitable for every user and can be personalised in format, audio output and input to enhance their audio experience. Retailing at £499.00, it’s the perfect accompaniment to those winter evenings in or to set the atmosphere for the festive parties and is readily available from