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The top luxury web design trends that will elevate your online presence in 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  March 21, 2021
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Looking to boost your business this year? In 2020, we saw a record number of both budding and experienced entrepreneurs dipping their toes into the online luxury market, choosing what seemed to many like a risky time to take the plunge to bring their ideas to fruition.

But as the online market continues to boom in spite of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to get a slice of the market share, and as many businesses pivot to provide an online offering like never before, those who got in there early may well be patting themselves on the back.

From luxury cocktail bars to Michelin-starred restaurants, businesses across the country have been using their online presence to promote new offerings that cater to people at home. At a time when going out and socialising is off the agenda, the focus is on finding other ways to reach people – and from virtual classes to home delivery services, the online world is awash with innovative ideas to keep the money coming in.

If you’re one of the many who opted to launch a brand new luxury brand or service over the past twelve months then you may still be finding your feet in the online world. A strong and impactful presence that accurately communicates your offering and appeals to your target customer is essential – get the look and feel of your website wrong, and it could cost you in custom.

If you’re looking to up the ante this year, then there are several ways you can ensure that your online shop-front stands out from the crowd. These are the web design trends to watch out for in 2021 that are guaranteed to elevate your luxury brand to whole new heights – hand-picked by the experts at CB Website Design.

Multimedia experience

Bringing together text, visuals, video and audio for a richer user experience, the multimedia approach works best when kept simple

Winning over an affluent customer base in 2021 is about more than just the aesthetic, and we can expect to see an even greater focus on user experience. Thanks to faster internet speeds, multimedia websites are becoming an increasingly popular choice, and those looking to stay ahead of the pack should be taking note.

Bringing together text, visuals, video and audio for a richer user experience, the multimedia approach works best when kept simple. When faced with so many options for creating an impact, it would be easy to get carried away – but this can all too easily have the opposite to the desired effect.

It’s also important to consider accessibility with this kind of experience – failure to do so could alienate a sizable portion of your customer base, so when using audiovisual integrations, be sure to offer closed captions and other additions that will help to make the customer experience seamless.

Augmented Reality (AR) experiences

Jeep have released a ‘Build & Price’ configurator for Wrangler 4xe models

Of course, there is always a way to go one better, and AR offers some incredible immersive experiences that are certain to wow the high-net-worth customer and cement your reputation as a leading luxury brand.

New technologies like the WebXR API software, recently launched by Wayfair Technologies, has paved the way for an increase in uptake and made AR more accessible than ever. 

Can’t quite visualise how it might work for you? Jeep’s ‘Build and Price a Jeep’ page is a prime example. Gone are the days when buying a brand new car involved going into a showroom and spending hours going through the specifications, and now you can handle the entire process online. The AR experienced allows you to create a realistic visual of the Jeep you want, complete with all the bells and whistles – and you can even order it to be delivered directly to your door – all without leaving the house.

3D visuals

With the advent of the highest-resolution screens yet, 3D web design is enjoying an elevated status

There’s no denying that there is a trend to the trends, and those embracing the most modern and immersive web design trends are certain to get ahead. 

With the advent of the highest-resolution screens yet, 3D web design is enjoying an elevated status, and can now be seen woven effortlessly into the overall aesthetic of a website to enhance user experience. Where once they were seen as an over-the-top feature that served to do little more than distract, today, they are an essential part of any luxury website that takes itself, and its customers, seriously. A minimalistic layout that ensures harmony between all elements will ensure that the effect is subtle yet sophisticated.